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Aaron Rodgers Madden 23 Rating Overview

He’s been a member of the vaunted 99 Club several times. So, where does AR12 rank among quarterbacks in this year’s edition of EA Sports’ Madden?

EA Sports’ Madden 23 is finally here. So even before the Week 1 kickoff of the NFL season, players’ Madden ratings have gotten their big reveals, including this year’s members of the super-exclusive “99 Club.”

Madden players ought to note only a few names in NFL history before mentioning Green Bay Packers icon Aaron Rodgers on the list of the most gifted passers in all of football. He could be the greatest player in Madden history as far as overall ratings are concerned.

Although no quarterbacks possess a perfect 99 rating this season — at least not at time of launch — Rodgers has been there and done that with three day-one 99s since his debut with 2005’s Madden NFL 06. Still, Rodgers carries a 96 overall rating in this year’s game, finishing second behind only Tom Brady (97) in the QB pecking order. This marks the 10th time Rodgers earned a rating of 95 or higher in his 17-year career to date, and AR12’s attributes add up to one of the most well-rounded signal-callers in the entire game.

He truly excels in the art of passing in every way possible. It isn’t more complicated than that.

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When it comes to facing Rodgers in Madden 23, pick your poison.

Plan on blitzing him? No other quarterback has a quicker release, and he’s an ace throwing the ball under pressure (97.) And if he chooses, Rodgers still has the speed (80) to escape the pocket and improvise outside of the pocket despite his 38 years of age. That quickness also translates to first downs in bang-bang running situations.

So, is your game plan to make Rodgers rely on his arm instead? Good luck with that, as he boasts accuracy and throw power ratings that are among the highest the game, whether dropping back under center or in play action. Honestly, there’s not a single Madden 23 scenario in which the Packers powerhouse won’t be able to thrive under your control as a QB.

However, while Rodgers can run without issues, please don’t make it a habit. His ultra-low ball-carrying abilities will result in fumbles if you insist on pushing your luck. He’s remarkably easy to tackle in this year’s game, too.

With all this in mind, let’s see where one of the greatest to ever throw the football ranks amongst the rest in Boardroom’s Aaron Rodgers Madden 23 rating rundown below.

Aaron Rodgers Madden 23 Rating Breakdown



  • Speed: 80
  • Acceleration: 76
  • Strength: 59
  • Agility: 81
  • Awareness: 81
  • Jumping: 76
  • Injury: 91
  • Stamina: 97
  • Toughness: 98


  • Throw Power: 93
  • Throw Accuracy Short: 96
  • Throw Accuracy Medium: 93
  • Throw Accuracy Deep: 91
  • Throw on the Run: 96
  • Play Action: 95
  • Throw Under Pressure: 97

Aaron Rodgers Madden Ratings History

Past rating data via maddenratings.weebly.com.

  • Madden 22: 96
  • Madden 21: 89
  • Madden 20: 90
  • Madden 19: 99
  • Madden 18: 98
  • Madden 17: 96
  • Madden 16: 99
  • Madden 15: 98
  • Madden 14: 98
  • Madden 13: 99
  • Madden 12: 98
  • Madden 10: 86
  • Madden 09: 83
  • Madden 08: 76
  • Madden 07: 79
  • Madden 06: 80

Madden 23 QB Ratings

1. Tom Brady (Buccaneers): 97
2. Aaron Rodgers (Packers): 96
3. Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs): 95
4. Josh Allen (Bills): 92
5. Joe Burrow (Bengals): 90
6. Dak Prescott (Cowboys): 89
7. Justin Herbert (Chargers): 88
t-8. Lamar Jackson (Ravens): 87
t-8. Russell Wilson (Broncos): 87
10. Matthew Stafford (Rams): 85

t-11. Deshaun Watson (Browns): 84
t-11. Kyler Murray (Cardinals): 84
t-13. Derek Carr (Raiders): 83
t-13. Ryan Tannehill (Titans): 83
15. Matt Ryan (Colts): 81
16. Kirk Cousins (Vikings):80
17. Mac Jones (Patriots): 78
t-18. Baker Mayfield (Panthers): 77
t-18. Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers): 77
t-20. Jameis Winston (Saints): 76
t-20. Trevor Lawrence (Jaguars): 77

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