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How Much Will Jalen Hurts’ Contract Extension Be Worth?

His team is soaring, he’s putting up All-Pro numbers, and he’s eligible for a serious bag this offseason. Let’s project the size of a first Jalen Hurts contract extension.

Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles have been perfect since the day they stepped foot on the field in Week 1, a 38-point showcase in a win agains the Lions. Some could’ve called it flukey considering how bad the Detroit Lions are, but by Week 5, the Eagles were the last unbeaten team in football.

And Hurts is at the forefront of it all.

The third-year pro has thrown for 1,799 yards with 10 touchdowns and only two interceptions. Adding to his arsenal, he’s run for 303 yards and six touchdowns (No. 4 in the NFL). At the halfway point of the season, he’s in the MVP conversation.

“The Eagles have been a bit of a surprise early on. Would it be a shocker if they’re in the Super Bowl in February? No, I don’t think so,” NFL RedZone host Scott Hanson told Boardroom.

Hurts, who was taken with the No. 53 pick in the 2020 draft, becomes eligible for a contract extension for the first time after the current season, and he’s executed well enough to earn a lucrative contract extension with the Eagles. ESPN’s Dan Graziano said the “floor” for Hurts’ next deal would be Kyler Murray’s five-year, $230.5 million contract he signed in July.

If the Eagles do make the Super Bowl, there’s no question Hurts will be paid an astronomical amount. But even if he doesn’t, Graziano appears to be on the money with his prediction.

Let’s take a look at his comparable market value for the 2023 offseason.

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What is Jalen Hurts’ 2023 Market Value?

Spotrac determines its own market value estimates based on a player’s age, contract status, and statistical production. It doesn’t take into account wins, awards, or playoff performance, but it’s a useful measuring stick when comparing other players’ contracts.

In Hurts’ case, he might become one of the richest QBs in the league at 24 — and if he wins MVP? Forget about it. He currently has second-best odds (+380) to win after Josh Allen — a comparable player in terms of contract and salary outlook.

Projecting the size of a Jalen Hurts contract extension
  • By Spotrac’s estimates, a first Jalen Hurts contract extension is pegged at six years and $263,190,216. That would rank No. 2 in NFL history in terms of total value behind only Patrick Mahomes ($450,000,000).
  • His average annual salary is projected at $43,865,036, which would rank sixth — one spot ahead of Josh Allen.
  • Given recent precedents set by Allen (58.1%) Murray (82.2%), and Russell Wilson ($66.4%), we’ll assume that more than 50% of the total value of the deal will be guaranteed. At six years and $263,190,216, we can project his guaranteed money to fall within the range of $160,000,000 to $210,000,000; we consider Deshaun Watson’s 100% guaranteed-at-signing contract to be an outlier.
Comparable QBs by Stats
Kyler Murray5$230.5M$46.1M24
Josh Allen6$258M$43M25
Deshaun Watson5$230M$46M26
Patrick Mahomes10$450M$45M24
Comparable QBs by Value
Watson 96.9279.841.968.7527.6586.45

To be clear, Hurts is simply eligible for an extension following the 2022 season; it’s far from guaranteed that the Eagles will fast-track the process. They could wait until his first free agency a year later, at which point the franchise tag will very much be on the table, kicking the can down the road one more year.

But the fact is that this quarterback, barring something truly unforeseen, is on track to secure a truly major bag.

The last time Philly started this hot was in 2005, a season that saw them ride a wave all the way to the Super Bowl. Will history repeat itself? Perhaps; perhaps not. But a Lombardi Trophy certainly would not hurt Jalen’s case to become one of the three highest-paid QBs in the league, and it could happen as soon as this spring.

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