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Tyreek Hill Madden 23 Rating Overview

Tyreek Hill comes in with a Madden 23 rating of 97. Boardroom breaks down the details of what to expect with Miami’s new wide receiver.

EA Sports’ Madden 23 is finally here. So even before the Week 1 kickoff of the NFL season, players’ Madden ratings are getting their big reveals, including this year’s members of the super-exclusive “99 Club.”

Speed kills, especially when dealing with one of the fastest wide receivers ever to lace up a pair of cleats. While Tyreek Hill falls short of the prestigious Wide Receiver 99 Club in the Madden 23 ratings (Davante Adams is the lone member), Hill’s speed and acceleration ratings leave no room for improvement.

But aside from his 4.29 40-yard-dash and Sonic the Hedgehog acceleration levels, Hill has elite command of every blade of grass on the field, with the route running and catching ability to come down with the football in a variety of ways. Need a short burst of acceleration for a first down off of a quick slant? No problem with Hill. Do you need a blazing 40-yard out route to peel the top off of the endzone? Nobody executes better than Cheetah, who will fly past defenders with a trademark peace sign in the process.

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Dolphins fans needn’t worry about HIll getting open, dropping passes, or underperforming. He’s the top-ranked Miami Dolphin in the game by a wide margin. Similarly, he’s the third-best pass catcher in the game and one of the speediest performers in Madden history.

More than likely, frustrations will build once the ball snaps and Madden’s version of Tua Tagovailoa delivers questionable passes with accuracy ratings in the low 80s. Nonetheless, if users can master the game’s limitations of Tua, then Hill is unstoppable.

But what do the rest of the stats look like for the Miami speedster? Check out Boardroom’s Tyreek Hill Madden 23 rating breakdown below.

Tyreek Hill Madden 23 Rating Breakdown



  • Speed: 99
  • Acceleration: 99
  • Strength: 64
  • Agility: 98
  • Awareness: 98
  • Jumping: 92
  • Injury: 90
  • Stamina: 91
  • Toughness: 93


  • Catch in Traffic: 85
  • Short Route Running: 93
  • Medium Route Running: 93
  • Deep Route Running: 86
  • Spectacular Catch: 91
  • Catching: 88
  • Release: 92
  • Break Tackle: 85
  • Ball Carrier Vision: 97

Tyreek Hill Madden Ratings History

Past rating data via maddenratings.weebly.com.

  • Madden 22: 98
  • Madden 21: 96
  • Madden 20: 94
  • Madden 19: 87
  • Madden 18: 83
  • Madden 17: 65

Madden 23 WR Ratings

1. Davante Adams (Raiders): 99
2. Cooper Kupp (Rams): 98
3. Tyreek Hill (Dolphins): 97
4. DeAndre Hopkins (Cardinals): 96
5. Stefon Diggs (Bills): 95
6. Justin Jefferson (Vikings): 93
7. Mike Evans (Buccaneers): 92
t-8. Keenan Allen (Chargers): 91
t-8. Terry McLaurin (Commanders): 91
t-10. Amari Cooper (Cowboys): 90

t-10. Tyler Lockett (Seahawks): 90
t-10. Michael Thomas (Saints): 90
t-13. DK Metcalf (Seahawks): 89
t-13. Chris Godwin (Buccaneers): 89
t-13. Deebo Samuel (49ers): 89
t-16. D.J. Moore (Panthers): 88
t-16. Adam Thielen (Vikings): 88
t-18. Ja’Marr Chase (Bengals): 87
t-18. A.J. Brown (Eagles): 87
t-18. Brandin Cooks (Texans): 87

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