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All Bots, No Brakes: ChatGPT & Bard AI Predict the 2023 F1 Monaco Grand Prix

Last Updated: July 5, 2023

Earlier this year, Boardroom asked ChatGPT — the wide-eyed, wily artificial intelligence chatbot from OpenAI — what it had to say about the 2023 Formula 1 world championship campaign. The level of detail it injected into ideating just how the season could go beat-for-beat was uncanny, if not unsettling.

Naturally, with the ritzy and prestigious Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix fast approaching on Sunday, May 28, we had to double down on the bleeding-edge fun and ask Bard, a smolderingly handsome AI newcomer on the block courtesy of Google, to join the predictive fray.

As Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and the world’s finest racing drivers descend on Monte Carlo for another iteration of the famous old race, check out Boardroom’s 2023 Monaco Grand Prix predictions featuring ChatGPT, Bard, and a special betting odds assist from our friends at FanDuel.

Welcome to All Bots, No Brakes.

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2023 Monaco Grand Prix Predictions

NOTE: Artificial intelligence chatbots will not actually “predict” Grand Prix races per se, and they certainly do not offer betting advice. Rather, the query posed to each was to propose a plausible narrative arc and final result for the race, so each response is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Boardroom’s Monaco Grand Prix Prediction:

Here is the precise sequence of events that absolutely will occur at Monte Carlo on May 28:

  • Hometown boy Charles Leclerc of Ferrari enjoys a feelgood moment, winning his third consecutive pole position after Red Bull’s Max Verstappen attacks the famous Rascasse hairpin too aggressively and takes himself beyond the limits of the track, earning a time penalty before he can improve his time in Q3.
  • On race day, typically disastrous Ferrari race strategy regarding both tire use and team orders will see Leclerc lose his grip on P1, and subsequently a podium spot
  • When a safety car is required after Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas is forced to retire his car, a mechanical difficulty related to steering prevents defending world champion and current leader Max Verstappen from seizing control of the race. He watches as teammate Sergio Perez makes up ground, then fights his way past Mercedes’ George Russell to the front of the pack
  • Perez wins the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix, his second consecutive victory at Monte Carlo and another intriguing moment for what is very much a Red Bull vs. Red Bull title race

ChatGPT’s Monaco GP Predictions:

The 2023 F1 Monaco Grand Prix race promised to be an exhilarating battle among the world’s best drivers on the iconic streets of Monte Carlo. The qualifying session set the stage for a thrilling race, with the top teams and drivers securing favorable starting positions. As the race began, tensions ran high, and the narrow, twisty track proved to be a true test of skill and precision.

Throughout the race, there were intense battles for position, daring overtakes, and strategic pit stops that kept the fans on the edge of their seats. The leaders exchanged places multiple times, with each driver pushing the limits of their abilities. However, a surprise twist emerged midway through the race when rain clouds started to gather over the circuit, casting uncertainty over the outcome.

As the rain started to fall, the track became treacherously slippery, adding an extra layer of challenge for the drivers. Some teams gambled on staying out with dry tires, while others opted for an early switch to intermediates. This decision divided the field, creating a thrilling mix of strategies.

The final laps were a showcase of the drivers’ bravery and expertise as they skillfully navigated the wet conditions. With each passing lap, the tension rose as the battle for the lead intensified. The top contenders pushed their cars to the limit, searching for any advantage they could find.

In a dramatic finale, it was Charles Leclerc, the young Monegasque driver, who emerged victorious at his home Grand Prix. Leclerc, driving for Ferrari, showcased exceptional skill and composure in the challenging conditions, delighting the local crowd. His strategic tire choice and impeccable control in the rain allowed him to gradually climb up the ranks, overtaking his rivals with calculated precision.

As the checkered flag waved, the jubilant cheers of the spectators filled the air. Leclerc stood on the top step of the podium, with his emotions overwhelming him as he celebrated an extraordinary triumph on his home turf. The victory marked a significant milestone for both Leclerc and Ferrari, reinvigorating their quest for championship success.

The 2023 F1 Monaco Grand Prix race will be remembered as a thrilling and unpredictable battle, highlighting the extraordinary talent of the drivers and the unpredictable nature of motorsport.

Bard AI’s Monaco Grand Prix Predictions:

The race starts off with Charles Leclerc leading the pack, followed by Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz. The first few laps are uneventful, with the drivers settling into their positions. However, on lap 10, there is a safety car deployed after a crash between two drivers. This bunched up the field and gave everyone a chance to pit for fresh tires.

After the safety car comes in, Leclerc is able to hold off Verstappen and Sainz to win the race. This is Leclerc’s first win of the season and it puts him back in contention for the championship.

Here are some of the factors that could contribute to this narrative arc:

  • Leclerc is the home favorite and he has a lot of experience racing in Monaco.
  • Verstappen is the defending champion and he is always a contender for victory.
  • Sainz is a strong driver and he is always capable of finishing on the podium.
  • The weather could play a factor, as Monaco is known for its unpredictable weather.

Here are some of the challenges that could prevent this narrative arc from happening:

  • A crash could happen, which could bring out the safety car and bunch up the field.
  • A mechanical problem could happen to any of the drivers, which could force them to retire from the race.
  • The weather could be bad, which could make it difficult for the drivers to race.

Overall, this is a plausible narrative arc for the 2023 F1 Monaco Grand Prix race. It is a race that is always full of excitement and drama, and it is sure to be a close battle between Leclerc, Verstappen, and Sainz.

2023 MONACO GRAND PRIX PREDICTION CONSENSUS: Charles Leclerc to win (ChatGPT, Bard AI) outvotes Sergio Perez (Boardroom)

  • A $100 bet on Charles Leclerc to win (+470) at FanDuel Sportsbook pays out a profit of $470.
  • A $100 bet on Sergio Perez to win (+430) pays a profit of $430.
  • A $100 bet on Ferrari to be the team of the winning driver (+270) pays out a profit of $270.
  • A $100 bet on Red Bull to be the team of the winning driver (-200) pays a profit of $50.

Monaco Grand Prix Odds 2023

Numbers are as of May 25 and can change over time — click here for the latest Monaco GP odds at FanDuel Sportsbook.

To win the Monaco GP

  • Max Verstappen (Red Bull): +105
  • Charles Leclerc (Ferrari): +470
  • Sergio Perez (Red Bull): +430
  • Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin): +600
  • Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): +1600
  • Carlos Sainz (Ferrari): +2300
  • George Russell (Mercedes): +2300
  • Lance Stroll (Aston Martin): +5000

To win pole position in qualifying

  • Max Verstappen (Red Bull): +145
  • Charles Leclerc (Ferrari): +175
  • Sergio Perez (Red Bull): +430
  • Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin): +650
  • Carlos Sainz (Ferrari): +2100
  • Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): +5000
  • George Russell (Mercedes): +5000

Team of winning driver

  • Red Bull: -200
  • Ferrari: +270
  • Aston Martin: +600
  • Mercedes: +1400
  • Alpine: +11000

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