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Boardroom Q&A: TB12 CEO Grant Shriver

Tom Brady is returning to the NFL, but not at the expense of his commitment to bringing TB12 into its next chapter. As CEO and partner, Grant Shriver will help lead the way.

After a distinguished tenure as a vice president at Lowe’s Home Improvement, where he was in charge of building brands across the company and  leading product innovation, design and development, Grant Shriver was named the new CEO and partner at TB12, Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero’s health and wellness company.

Shriver’s appointment appears to be ushering in a new era of expansion and growth for the brand. As Brady put it, to “bring the extraordinary TB12 health and wellness holistic approach to the masses.”

Boardroom caught up with Shriver to discuss what he’ll bring to Team Brady, what ambitions the company has, and what it’s like working with the NFL‘s GOAT off the field.

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SHLOMO SPRUNG: What made you want to take this position as CEO and partner?

GRANT SHRIVER: It all starts with a mindset, which is exactly what Tom and Alex have demonstrated on one of the world’s biggest stages.  So many people have watched the success unfold on the field for many years.  Over time, I have become more in tune with just how exceptional it truly is, that Tom is able to perform at his age, the way he does.  He’s not just having a longer career than most; he’s doing it at the highest level in the league. Yes, he is talented, and yes, he works hard at his job. But the longevity is a direct result of the method they’ve perfected and created together: the TB12 Method.

Tom and I are about a month apart in age, and fitness has always played a role in my life, but certainly not at his commitment level!  On a personal note, this past October, my older brother, who is one of the most important people in my life, had what they refer to as the “widow maker” heart attack.  A full blockage of the LAD [the left anterior descending artery]. Against all odds and a lot of recovery time, we got him back. I committed to my brother, myself, and my wife and daughter that I would immediately take my health more seriously — even if it meant making small changes daily.  

Fast forward, it was then, in the middle of my journey to be better, that I found myself living a healthier lifestyle, making strides in my nutrition, paying attention to hydration, and staying as active as possible, TB12 came into my life.  I am a big believer in things happening for a reason.

I’m honored to join Tom and Alex as CEO and partner of TB12, bringing my skill-set and experience to a company of such high standards — to lead the only company focused on this one-of-a-kind method built upon the best practices of delivering high performance while living pain-free, all inspired by Tom’s proven longevity in the NFL through his tremendous work with Alex.

It’s a dream opportunity. We are set to take this brand and expand rapidly into the marketplace driving health and wellness through TB12 centers, technology, and e-commerce channels. We will serve all people at any age and at any level of activity. It is humbling, but not surprising, that TB12 client testimonials are stories of life-changing impact, as the TB12 method routinely gets people out of pain and back to enjoying the things they love in life.

SS: What will your prior experience bring to this position?

GS: Making the transition from an officer role with a national retailer to an early-stage growth brand is something I have always found exciting and have looked forward to as I watched several mentors and colleagues pave the way for decades.

I know and expect the tenets of team leadership to directly apply.  Even more, I bring my enterprise management experience, including brand building, driving a P&L, marketing strategy, rapidly scaled expansion, innovative and robust product development,  and efficient operational rigor.  I also expect to lead my team and further develop core competencies like strategic vision, results-oriented mindset, clear communication, and a sense of urgency to align well.   

What I’ve found is these assumptions have been held to be true, and the impact I expect we will make on the industry will be amplified in a company of our size. We can move a lot faster than the larger companies I have come from.  An amazing contrast to a larger company is how closely each TB12 team member passionately believes in the brand and the mission. There is no peanut gallery here, or people watching from the stands to see how things go. The team is all in.

SS: How do you envision TB12 expanding in your first year on the job?

GS: We see tremendous growth opportunities on several fronts. We look at the business under two main segments: services and products. We are wildly fortunate that boundless growth potential resides within both segments. I believe our biggest unlock is to effectively sequence and stage our many growth initiatives.   

With Tom playing his 23rd season, and likely leading another incredible year for the Bucs, I believe we are entering the biggest moment TB12 has had yet, especially when it comes to the spotlight that Tom sheds on the brand by living it daily.  Doing what he is about to do at 45 years old is beyond incredible. He truly is the GOAT. And he happens to be our best client.

Most recently, TB12 announced partnerships with top medical facilities including HSS Florida in West Palm Beach and the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia. In addition to the expanded footprint of TB12 services and centers, the TB12 product line is rapidly expanding through innovation and proprietary design, slated for market in the coming year.

SS: What are your overall goals for the TB12 company and brand?

GS: In the short time I have been with TB12, the single most notable thing I have experienced, aside from my first body coach session, is the impact on so many people’s lives I’ve heard through our tremendous TB12 customer testimonials.

It’s amazing to hear about so many clients who come to see us after exhausting more mainstream solutions out there, especially as it relates to recovering from injury and or pain. They get life-changing results from the TB12 Method time and time again. Our mission is to expand the footprint of TB12, the TB12 Method, our product, and our services by providing far wider access to far more people.  

SS: What does “partner” mean in terms of this agreement?

GS: As I said before, it is a huge honor to have the opportunity to join TB12 as CEO.  But to partner with Tom and Alex from an ownership perspective is a testament to the mutual commitment we all have to each other to do what is best to grow this amazing brand. We are all in as partners.

SS: What’s it like working with Tom Brady from the business side?

GS: First and foremost, Tom is just a great guy.  His level of dedication to his family, his sport, his teammates, and his business partners is incredibly rare. At TB12, we are so fortunate for Tom’s genuine passion for our mission. He has commented to me several times that TB12 represents his life’s work, what he and Alex have largely been doing behind the scenes, until the last few years, to enable sustained success on the field.

He is not the celebrity owner that just adds his name to some products that are not authentic to who he is. He’s involved, he provides direction, and he pushes for improvement. He’s passionate about the products we develop and about the body coach experience. In case anyone is wondering: yes, he absolutely uses TB12 products every single day. I have personally watched Tom dump our lemonade Electrolyte into his TB12 water bottle. And that water bottle rarely leaves his side! He uses our resistance bands, our roller, our protein, wears the apparel.

Tom is a supportive leader.  He often asks, “Let me know where I can help.” He’s provided a tremendous amount of insights on the business and big-picture vision about where the brand can go. It’s funny. On a couple of occasions, he has started a conversation with, “I’m just a football player,” and by the end of the meeting you’re walking out with a list of terrific directives and guidance for the brand.   

SS: TB12 made a lot of trademark filings, ranging from everything to supplements and meal planning kits and exercise equipment. What are you guys going to do with all these filings?

GS: You’ll have to wait and see!

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