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Stephen Curry Spots Up in the Metaverse

The four-time NBA champion looks to leave his mark in the metaverse with his latest trademark application that covers a wide range of virtual assets.

Stephen Curry is off to an unsurprising scorching start to the NBA season. He’s also crushing it off the court, where he’s become a staple in enhancing golf fans’ experience via VR games and a game player feature in PGA Tour 2K23.

Now, he’s driving into the lane of the metaverse.

As noted by attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property, SC30, Inc. filed for a trademark application on Oct. 26 with the US Patent and Trademark Office for “CURRYVERSE.” The trademark covers a wide range of virtual assets and services within the Metaverse, including but not limited to downloadable video games, virtual goods and apparel, NFTs, and much more.

It’s Curry’s latest off-court investment in the evolution of social technology.

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Curry’s Meta Marks

Within the CURRYVERSE application exists a number of identifications in which Curry plans on utilizing the mark.

  • Identification 1: Downloadable computer game software, video games, sharing images over a mobile network, posting social media updates, viewing basketball stats, viewing photos and videos of basketball games, and viewing and interacting with digital content in the field of sports, entertainment, and religion, among others.
  • Identification 2: All sorts of apparel from hoodies to pocket squares to sports jerseys. The list goes on and on…
  • Identification 3: Business management services — business advice and information in the fields of entrepreneurship, business, business development, business management, and leadership.
  • Identification 4: Charitable fundraising services — Philanthropic and charitable monetary services, accepting and administering monetary charitable contributions while providing educational scholarships.
  • Identification 5: Entertainment services, specifically personal, virtual, and metaversal appearances by a professional basketball player, philanthropist, business person, entertainer, actor, and producer.
  • Identification 6: Software as a service, and platform as a service, which features computer software platforms for creating, promoting, selling, and exchanging non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

You can read the full application here.

Other Stephen Curry Metaverse Trademarks

The two-time NBA MVP has already capitalized on “Chef Curry” — which registered in 2019 for computer game software. The game features two cartoon renderings of Steph and his wife Ayesha. He’s still in the process of getting five other trademarks approved.

Below are a few of those:

  • NIGHT.NIGHT. — A play off of his “Night Night” celebration, this trademark will be for use in electronic publications, bedding linens, clothing apparel, footwear, beverages, beer, distilled spirits, and much more.
  • STEPHEN CURRY — Owning his name to be used on essentially everything and anything.
  • CURRY — Similar premise to the “STEPHEN CURRY” trademark application.

Curry is far from the only athlete to file a trademark pertaining to meta, and he likely won’t be the last as the space continues to grow and evolve.

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