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LaMelo Ball Moves to Bring Music to the Metaverse

Last Updated: July 20, 2023
The Charlotte Hornets star filed a new trademark focused on music as NFTs and virtual experiences to further his metaverse work.

LaMelo Ball is still solidifying his footprint in the metaverse with another big move.

As noted by attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property, MB1 Enterprises, LLC filed a trademark application on March 31 with the US Patent and Trademark Office for “1 OF 1 RECORDS.” The mark consists of standard characters without claiming any particular font style, size, or color. The trademark would cover an array of offerings, including music recordings as NFTs, sports training services in the metaverse, and virtual interactive experiences led by Ball.

This is the latest off-the-court move from Ball following the launch of his gaming and esports brand MB1 in January. In February, the NBA baller also filed for three trademarks that would cover a wide range of metaverse-focused virtual and physical goods and services.

Ball’s new trademark was filed in North Carolina via Todd A. Vaughn, an attorney at Jordan IP Law.

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What’s it for?

Ball has already made waves in Web3 by creating a tech brand that encompasses more than sports, including music, NFTs, video games, apparel, and other virtual experiences. Some standout offerings from the filing include plans to launch “a website featuring non-downloadable photographs and videos featuring LaMelo Ball.” The mark would also cover rights for virtual basketball camp services.

Per the filing, here are some more specific items the new mark would cover:

  • Musical recordings, musical video recordings, pre-recorded record albums featuring music, audio and video recordings featuring music and artistic performances, audio tapes featuring music, compact discs featuring music, digital music downloadable from the Internet”
  • Downloadable MP3 files and MP3 recordings featuring music, downloadable music files, downloadable music files authenticated by non-fungible tokens”
  • Virtual and digital goods (namely, art, avatars, emotes, beverages, collectible coins, clothing, headwear, footwear, eyewear, headphones, jewelry, watches, books, comics, bags, games, home goods, phones, photographs, posters, sports equipment, sporting goods, toys, trading cards)…for use online and in the metaverse, augmented reality, and virtual worlds”
  • Virtual and digital interactive representations of LaMelo Ball for use in virtual experiences, augmented reality experiences, and the metaverse”
  • Multimedia files, audio recordings, video recordings, and image files containing content, artwork, text, audio, and video relating to LaMelo Ball, in each case, stored in digital wallets and authenticated by non-fungible tokens”
  • Downloadable digital assets and electronic data files provided with non-fungible tokens and other crypto collectibles and blockchain-based non-fungible assets”
  • Downloadable computer software for allowing users inside in the metaverse, augmented reality, and virtual worlds, and video games to communicate with each other, play games, take photographs, teach and learn basketball, engage in other virtual experiences and augmented reality experiences and utilize virtual goods and items”
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing and apparel, namely, t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, caps, hats, shoes, swimwear, sportswear, sandals, jackets, coats, vests, scarves, wraps, sweaters, socks, shirts, tops, pants, leggings, and undergarments”
  • Entertainment services in the nature of esports and video game contests, providing online and live video games, online and live video game tournaments, online and live video gaming exhibitions, online and live video game competitions, and video gaming events”
  • Providing an online community forum for users to share and stream information, audio, video, real-time news, entertainment content, or information, to form virtual communities, and to engage in social networking”
  • Virtual basketball courts, gyms, parks and recreational facilities for playing sports, sports training in the metaverse, augmented reality, and virtual worlds”
  • “Educational services, namely, conducting training and classes in the fields of financial literacy, health, wellness, fitness, sports, leadership, justice, equality and community engagement”

The Fear No. 1 mark

On May 26, Ball’s MB1 Enterprises filed a trademark application for “Fear No. 1.” The mark consists of standard characters without claiming any particular font style, size, or color. The trademark would cover the same specifics stated above including musical recordings, jewelry, apparel, and entertainment services.