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The Most Expensive Athletes on Cameo

Looking for a holiday gift that’ll make a splash? Boardroom has the biggest athlete names on Cameo, including the most expensive.

It’s holiday shopping season, and with it comes a slew of sales, letters to the fat guy up north, and that never-ending quest to find exactly the right gift for that family member who’s impossible to buy for. There’s also that irresistible urge to do all your shopping from your couch within arms reach of those Thanksgiving leftovers.

A Cameo from your friend or relative’s favorite athlete could be the right move. Everyone loves to hear from their heroes, and from the buyer’s perspective, it’s a name to cross off the gift list with just a few clicks.

Those who have used Cameo before know the deal. The requestor finds the athlete, artist, or public figure who they want to record a message for their friend, fills out a simple request form, and waits for that figure to make the video. Prices vary, and from the athlete’s angle, that means a Cameo could run you anywhere from $1 to $1,000.

So let’s say you have someone in your life who really, really wants a custom video from their favorite athlete. And let’s say that athlete is a superstar. It’ll cost you, but hey — maybe it’s worth it! Here are the most expensive athletes currently on Cameo, both overall and by sport.

NOTE: This is not a promoted post; the author just really likes Cameo and once received a video from Bobby Valentine in which he explained how he invented the wrap.

List current as of Nov. 22, 2023.

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The Most Expensive Athletes on Cameo

The $1,000 Club

  • Michael Beasley (former NBA player)
  • Josh Norman (Buffalo Bills)
  • Lachlan Morton (cyclist)
  • Roger Milla (former Cameroonian soccer player)
  • Tony Allen (former NBA player)
  • Taisuke Muramatsu (Japanese soccer player)
  • Pierre Garçon (former football player)



(Excluding Beasley and Allen)

  • Clyde Drexler (Portland Trailblazers, Denver Nuggets): $999
  • Briana Green (Harlem Globetrotters)
  • Landon Milbourne (Maryland Terrapins, several international pro teams): $700
  • Ben Gordon (Chicago Bulls, three others): $700
  • Gary Payton (Seattle Supersonics, four others): $625

College Sports

  • Kateri Poole (LSU women’s basketball): $350
  • Xavier Restrepo (Miami football): $300
  • Jayda Coleman (Oklahoma softball): $150
  • Brenden Rice (USC football): $150
  • Armando Bacot (North Carolina men’s basketball): $150

Combat Sports

  • Vulcan (Wrestler): $999
  • Vickie Guerrero (Wrestler): $500
  • Georges St-Pierre (UFC): $500
  • Aljamain Sterling (UFC): $500
  • Peter Aerts (Kickboxing): $500
  • Konishiki Yasokichi (Sumo): $500


(Excluding Norman and Garçon)

  • Tre Tomlinson (Los Angeles Rams): $999
  • Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints, San Diego Chargers): $900
  • Denzel Ward (Cleveland Browns): $900
  • Cory Helms (Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints): $900
  • Emmitt Smith (Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals): $725


  • John Daly: $800
  • David Duval: $250
  • Charles Rymer: $250
  • Joaquin Niemann: $250
  • Luke Donald: $249
  • Dame Laura Davies: $200


  • Mike Eruzione (Team USA): $500
  • Mark Messier (New York Rangers, four others): $400
  • Jim Craig (Team USA): $400
  • Jesperi Kotkaniemi (Carolina Hurricanes, Montreal Canadiens): $350
  • Martin Brodeur (New Jersey Devils, St. Louis Blues): $300

Individual Sports

(Excluding Morton)

  • Nate Bozung (former pro snowboarder): $999
  • Eric Koston (pro skateboarder): $998
  • Taniah Meyers (Skateboarder): $835
  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Track & Field): $700


(Excluding Milla and Muramatsu)


  • Bryan Brothers: $295
  • Chris Eubanks: $250
  • Sloane Stephens: $250
  • Victoria Azarenka: $250
  • Ivo Karlovic: $198

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