Out of Office: Jill Smoller

The WME sports agent joins “Out of Office” to discuss how she first embarked on her unlikely career and what she’s learned from working alongside some of the greatest athletes of all-time.

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As an All-American at the University of Arizona, Jill Smoller was on her way to being a star tennis player. But when injuries fouled up her plans of becoming a grand slam doubles champ in her mid-20s, she could have ended up like so many others across the history of sports and faded away.

Instead, she began to engineer a second act that took her places she never could have dreamed. Today, she’s a renowned sports agent and partner at WME whose clients have ranged from Kevin Garnett to Florence Griffith Joyner to Serena Williams.

On the latest episode of Boardroom’s “Out of Office” podcast, Smoller tells Rich Kleiman and Gianni Harrell through her unlikely professional arc, how her relentless work ethic gradually opened more and more doors, and what she learned from working alongside some of the most incredible athletes of the last 30 years.

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