with Kevin Durant + Eddie Gonzalez
Welcome to the ETCs Podcast with Kevin Durant, where KD, co-host Eddie Gonzalez, and special guests will have candid conversations about the best of sports, music, entertainment, and culture.

The ETCs: Isiah Thomas

The Basketball Hall of Famer talks with KD and Eddie about his career, the Bad Boys, and his ever-expanding business portfolio on the latest episode of “The ETCs” podcast. Click…

The ETCs: Catching Up With KD & Eddie

The ETCs: Roddy Ricch

The ETCs: Charles Barkley

The ETCs: Issa Rae


with Rich Kleiman + Gianni Harrell
“The Boardroom: Out of Office” brings fans inside the candid conversations that entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, and executives have with each other once they’ve left the confines of work itself. From career trajectories to the ins and outs of entrepreneurship to the “aha” moments along the way, host Rich Kleiman gives fans a look at culture in a brand new way, by examining life at the intersection of business and entertainment.

Out of Office: Aryeh Bourkoff

The Founder and CEO of LionTree speaks with Rich and Gianni about working on some of the world’s biggest M&A deals and what continues to drive him on the latest “Out of…

Out of Office: Ringing in 2022 with Rich & Gianni

Out of Office: Joe Gebbia

Out of Office: Jill Smoller

Out of Office: Daymond John