with Rich Kleiman + Gianni Harrell
“The Boardroom: Out of Office” brings fans inside the candid conversations that entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, and executives have with each other once they’ve left the confines of work itself. From career trajectories to the ins and outs of entrepreneurship to the “aha” moments along the way, host Rich Kleiman gives fans a look at culture in a brand new way, by examining life at the intersection of business and entertainment.
Episode 36

Out of Office: Alex Honnold on Climbing’s Olympic Debut, Life After “Free Solo,” & Much More


Alex Honnold gained global fame after the release of the documentary film Free Solo, based on his death-defying climb — with no ropes or safety equipment — of Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan. The film captivated audiences, won the 2019 Oscar for Best Documentary, and established Honnold as one of the world’s greatest athletes. The upcoming Olympics will feature climbing as an event for the first time, and Honnold was likely a big factor making this a reality.

Though Honnold has not always appeared to revel in the fame the film brought him, he’s made good use of the opportunities. Now, the primary face of his sport, he’s expanded the work of his foundation and has greatly raised awareness for rock climbing.

In this episode of Boardroom’s “Out of Office,” Honnold talks to Rich and Gianni about what people get wrong about what motivates elite climbers, why he’s excited about his new podcast series, and the inspiration he’s taken from legendary female climber, Lynn Hill. Honnold even invites Rich and Gianni to climb rocks with him in Central Park next time he visits New York City.

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Out of Office: Interscope Records & Beats By Dre Co-Founder Jimmy Iovine

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Out of Office: Ray McGuire on His Path to Wall Street & Running For NYC Mayor

Episode 32

Out of Office: Overtime Founders Dan Porter & Zack Weiner on Building a Global Audience & Overtime Elite



with Kevin Durant + Eddie Gonzalez
Welcome to the ETCs Podcast with Kevin Durant, where KD, co-host Eddie Gonzalez, and special guests will have candid conversations about the best of sports, music, entertainment, and culture.
Episode 10

The ETCs: Draymond Gree‪n‬


This week on “The ETCs,” Kevin and Eddie talk to the former NBA Defensive Player of the Year, three-time NBA Champion, three-time All-Star, and self-proclaimed greatest defender of all time Draymond Green. Kevin and Dray talk about the competitiveness of the new era of NBA players, Draymond’s future in TV, and what made their Warriors teams so special during their championship runs.

Plus, they reveal what they were talking about in THAT conversation that became an iconic GIF/meme, and (of course) they discuss the mysterious texts or calls they exchanged after the Warriors lost Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, the infamous “blow-up” during a Clippers game in 2018, why it all got broken up, and how they remained friends afterwards anyway — plus much, much more.

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The ETCs: Fear of God Founder Jerry Lorenzo

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The ETCs: Catching Up With KD