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Andrea Kremer & Hannah Storm Are Back for More Thursday Night Football

The iconic duo catches up with Boardroom as their alternate broadcast stream returns to TNF on Amazon Prime Video starting Week 5 on Oct. 6 when the Broncos clash with the Colts.

For four seasons, Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer were the faces of the NFL on Amazon Prime Video, providing their play-by-play and analysis as an alternate feed to the primary Thursday Night Football broadcast on Fox and NFL Network. In the process, they became the first all-woman broadcast team in NFL history — something in which the pioneering pair takes great pride.

Now, with Amazon in the first year of an 11-year rights deal that made Prime Video as the exclusive TNF home and Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit on the traditional gameday call, Storm and Kremer return Thursday, Oct. 6 for the first of at least two alternate feed broadcasts this season in which they’ll provide coverage and commentary for the Week 5 tilt between the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. Broadcasting from a New York City studio, the duo will host guests, analyze the game in their unique style, and bring an entertaining journalistic energy that fans across the country have grown accustomed to.

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Boardroom had a chance to get a live, insider look at the TNF broadcast with Storm and Kremer last season, and they’ve got even bigger plans in store in 2022. On Thursday, Kremer and Storm will feature two guests per quarter on the feed, including:

  • Buffalo Bills superstar edge rusher Von Miller
  • Super Bowl champion and two-time Pro Bowler Emmanuel Sanders
  • Veteran tight end Eric Ebron
  • Future Hall of Famers Dwight Freeney and Richard Sherman
  • Olympic gold medal-winning skiier Lindsey Vonn

And while their Prime Video setup enables it’s a different, more casual format, the two firmly believe that it comfortably and organically plays to their individual and collective strengths.

“Hannah Storm’s the best host on television. It’s just that simple,” Kremer told Boardroom earlier this week over Zoom, “and she continues to show those skills in this kind of format. And I get to continue to geek out on football.”

Unlike in previous seasons, fans will get to see the duo’s faces as they call the action live on-air, something Storm is accustomed to as a longtime NBC, CBS, and ESPN host, while Kremer has experience in as a host and reporter for NFL Network, NBC, and ESPN.

“If there’s a big play, I might call the play and then Andrea will break it down, but we’ll get to throw up our arms and go crazy,” Storm told Boardroom. “It’s more casual with less delineated roles.”

Last week, Storm and Kremer did a rehearsal broadcast during the game between the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals — the one in which quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was sadly carted off the field after sustaining a troubling head injury. They had to be nimble in quickly shifting gears from a more laid-back format into doing what the two have decades of experience in — focusing in on the most important aspects of a real-time breaking news story.

Storm said Kremer started breaking down details like why trainers and medical personnel took Tagovailoa’s mouth guard when they did, and used her years as a sideline reporter to assess how to handle concussion- and injury-related coverage. Storm asked about what they were doing so at the time, as well as what the implications were without speculating on what the injury is.

“Andrea can assess a situation like that brilliantly in, like, two seconds,” Storm said. “She knows exactly what is happening. This was a huge news event, so you’re going let a guest take a back seat at that point and discuss the situation happening on the field, because it’s really important to get that right.”

“We’re a journalists’ broadcast, and we know how to handle things like this,” Kremer added. “We’re tailor-made for it. It’s all about being flexible.” 

As the trend of alternate broadcast feeds has grown over the last several years, Storm and Kremer have secured a prominent place in that history along with ESPN’s college football “Megacasts” and their Monday Night Football feed featuring Peyton and Eli Manning. Here and now, they credit Amazon for the foresight not only to want to give viewers different options, but for specifically choosing them for TNF.

“Hannah and I are very, very proud of the fact that they didn’t just want two women,” Kremer said. “They wanted Hannah and me.”

Kremer, meanwhile, has always maintained that if she and Storm are having fun on their broadcast, the audience will have fun, too.

“We have proven over a consistent period of time that we can do what has traditionally been a man’s job,” Kremer said. “We have proven that it doesn’t matter what your gender is. If you’re prepared and if knowledgeable, that you can do this job. We don’t have a female broadcast. We have a broadcast and we just happen to be two women capitalizing on our strengths.”

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