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Trinity Rodman: A Phenom’s Flair

Last Updated: December 22, 2023
Whether her boots are for sport or for fashion, the USWNT star is using her creativity to combine her worlds. Boardroom caught up with Rodman to discuss the World Cup, her Adidas partnership, and more.

Trinity Rodman is not afraid to make a statement — on or off the field.

The 21-year-old football phenom has been making headlines since she was a kid. However, this year marks a new chapter.

Although it isn’t her first time wearing stars and stripes, Rodman will take the pitch as a key contributor on the US Women’s National Team. For those not familiar with her game, prepare to be dazzled by her creative play that drips with an earned confidence and a bit of sheer joy.

At the outset of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Rodman is teaming up with Adidas for a new campaign that pulls the curtain back on how her creativity transcends the pitch.

She blends style and sport with a sense of effortlessness that echoes her play.

‘My Story Should Be Heard’

While her last name may be familiar, Trinity is clear she doesn’t want anything handed to her. Throughout her time on soccer’s biggest stages — from the Olympics to the NWSL — she has made a definitive statement that she has earned everything.

Similarly, she points to her relationship with Adidas as one each side worked hard to foster and one that allows her to show her multidimensionality.

“There was those expectations before with the last name and everything. I think things are expected to have been handed to me and for things to be easy, but it wasn’t,” she tells Boardroom from the patio outside of her California where she’s joined the USWNT for pre-competition practices and one final friendly before they head Down Under.

In the same breath, Rodman is the consummate team player. She points to all of the people around her who have helped her get to greatness.

“I’ve had so much help along the way while also staying true to myself,” she says.

Rodman has found a familiar dynamic with Adidas.

“I’m very creative and I think a big part of that as well is just showing myself and showing my story outside of soccer.”

“My story should be heard,” she says.

Photo courtesy of Adidas

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

When discussing her inspirations, Rodman quickly rattles off those who have framed her style, both as a soccer player and in everything else.

On the field, she cites Tobin Heath as one of her first role models. Specifically, Rodman points to the way that Heath balanced the expectations of being a team player and playing a game that was distinctly hers. And while it was only four years ago, she also points to Carli Lloyd’s three-goal performance as raising the bar for women’s soccer.

Similarly, when discussing fashion, Rodman champions the potential it has for communicating with the world around her.

“I think it’s the closest way to describe your personality without even saying anything,” she says.

She points to Zendaya as style inspiration “She’s a powerful woman who does a lot and is true to herself.”

She pauses momentarily before she continues. “I think in a weird way [crafting my style] has been a really big way for me to connect with my dad.”

Ultimately, however, her style is all her own.

Just Getting Started

Only a few days after her conversation with Boardroom, Rodman netted both goals in the US’s final friendly ahead of the World Cup against Wales.

In the post-game, Rodman was exhilarated, but she also pointed to her teammates for enabling her success. She is part of the next generation which is about to take over the legacy built by Rapinoe, Becky Sauerbrunn, and so many more. And already, Trinity sees how critical it is to begin to lay the foundation for those that will follow her in sharing her full creative self on and off the pitch.

In doing exactly that, she seems most herself.

“I think not only am I like the new and upcoming, but I’m also a role model for the younger players,” she said. “I think what’s special is that I do have a different type of relationship with the youth and I think my platform has helped with that and Adidas has obviously helped a lot with that and making me a face to a lot of things.”

And like those that came before her, Rodman sees a whole lot to learn from those that will come after.

“I think it’s important for youth coming up to not think of older, more experienced players as being more important,” she says. “I think proving yourself is being on the team and it’s, it’s hard to see it like that, ’cause for me, I never wanna come across as cocky or entitled or anything like that. But I think you need to find the relationships with the veterans and with the older players to where you’re learning from them and they’re also learning from you.”

As she sets out for the biggest challenge to date, Rodman will bring her signature style and flare to a global audience. The creativity she’s come to be known for will be a key ingredient as the US aims to take home its third consecutive World Cup title.

Regardless of the outcome, Trinity Rodman’s own story is just getting started, and we’re all lucky to simply bear witness.

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