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NFT Sales Roundup: Art Gobblers Nets $50M in Sales During Mint

This week’s Boardroom NFT Sales Roundup includes CryptoPunks, Keepers, Art Blocks, Reddit Collectible Avatars, and more.

New NFT projects Art Gobblers and Keepers knock OGs like CryptoPunks and Azuki from the top five in sales volume this week. CryptoSlam’s data shows that over 172,900 buyers spent more than $164.6 million on NFTs in the past seven days, which is up a whopping 50% compared to the previous week.

Overall, NFT action is down 13%, with roughly 841,900 transactions. Projects like Art Gobblers, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Keepers, and Sorare topped the list for most sales this week.

NFT sales and blockchain volume changes over the past week, per CryptoSlam:
  • With multiple big NFT mints happening this week, Ethereum sales are up 89%. The blockchain has nearly doubled sales volume compared to last week. Solana and ImmutableX sales are also up 9% and 21%, respectively.
  • The new Ethereum-based NFT project Art Gobblers took the market by storm, outselling other projects by over $40 million during its mint week.
  • Cardano and Polygon sales are down 46% and 76%, respectively. This could be due in part to all of the attention the Ethereum blockchain is getting.
  • Sales for Reddit Collectible Avatars are down 83% this week, with the Polygon-based project only bringing in $1.1 million. Still, the underdog project is on track to reach $10 million in all-time sales soon.
  • CryptoPnks and Gods Unchained sales steadily climb, with the projects bringing in $6.4 million and $5.9 million, respectively.
Highest-selling NFT projects, also via CryptoSlam:
  • Art Gobblers: $50.9 million (0% because of mint)
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club: $9.1 million (+36%)
  • Keepers: $8.4 million (0% because of mint)
  • Sorare: $7.4 million (-7.6%)
  • Art Blocks: $6.5 million (+51%)
More NFT and crypto news:
  • Bored Ape and Mutant Ape holders can now register for a unique animation project coming from Bored Ape Yacht Club. BAYC didn’t share more details, but payments will only be taken in ApeCoin to participate.
  • Doodles sales are up 61%, bringing in $1.6 million this week. Maybe collectors are gearing up for Doodles 2 since the project has been pretty quiet after announcing a $54 million funding raise in September.
  • The ApeCoin DAO approved its new bug bounty program, allocating $4.4 million to guard its upcoming token staking mechanism from hacks. The program will go live on an ethical hacking program called Immunefi.
  • Digidaigaku CEO Gabriel Leydon’s Twitter account was hacked after he swapped his mobile phone’s SIM card at an AT&T store. The hacker led collectors to a fake Digidaigaku drop to drain their crypto wallets.
  • An Azuki Golden Skateboard NFT set a record for the project on Oct. 24 when it sold for roughly $404,000 (309 ETH).

Top NFT Sales of the Week

Punk #924 sold for $735,770 (475 ETH) on Oct. 26
Fidenza #783 sold for $472,000 (300 ETH) on Nov. 2
Bored Ape #2764 sold for $297,753.44 (187.19 ETH) on Oct. 31
Azuki #641 sold for $134,073 (87 ETH) on Nov. 3
Art Gobbler XX sold for $37,958 (25 ETH) on Nov. 2

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