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Inside the NFL’s Web3-powered Video Game ‘NFL Rivals’ with Saints Pro Bowler Cam Jordan

Last Updated: July 19, 2023
Get the inside scoop on the mobile game allows fans to be the GM they always wanted to be from one of its earliest fans, star New Orleans Saints pass rusher Cam Jordan.

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan wasn’t always a Web3 enthusiast. But over the last several years, he has caught on to the hype and it’s safe to say the 12-year veteran and eight-time Pro Bowler is an adherent.

“In 2015, 2016, I had guys talking about it and I was like, ‘What are you even talking about?’ You don’t want to be in a locker room not knowing at least the subject matter,” Jordan told Boardroom. “In 2017, I really started looking at crypto and how you could advance your knowledge of the space because it’s still so new. I mean, you think about the internet itself — when I was growing up, it was dial-up, now it’s high speed. Same with music: I went from having a Walkman to downloading MP3s and now we have streaming. It’s always some sort of advancement, and if you’re not trying to keep up and learn something, how are you going to be able to advance yourself?”

Well, it sounds like the NFL also caught on to the craze, because the league, the NFLPLA, and software platform Mythical Games just announced this week an officially licensed mobile game that seamlessly incorporates Web3 technology: NFL Rivals.

The game delivers on fans’ dreams of being a GM of an NFL franchise, allowing users to own, collect, and trade digital assets that unlock access to special events, in-game rewards, and other unique features. Gamers assemble their own player rosters and teams while building, leveling up, and improving their lineups week by week.

“This is the best of both worlds for people who like sports and video games,” Jordan said. “You’ve got a mobile-friendly, 9v9 field where it’s all offense. You’re dealing with some of the best players in the game and are able to help accrue assets for them. You’re able to be your own general manager. So when you are owning your team’s destiny from the jump, you take it a lot more seriously.”

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Cam Jordan, an Actual General Manager?

With all this talk of managing a virtual roster, Boardroom had one big question for the UC-Berkeley alum: Could he ever see himself in the GM role for an NFL team in the future?

“Absolutely not,” he said with a laugh. “The only thing I see in my future is to continue playing football. But playing this game gives me the idea that I could be a GM. This is how I would cultivate my team, this is how I’ll build my players. This is how I handle any trades or any transitions and how I would navigate that path. But at the same time, I’m a player; I want to hit people and until I don’t want to hit people, I’m gonna focus on the main thing being the main thing, and I’m gonna try and smack a couple more quarterbacks and a lot more running backs before I go.”

Though he’s not physically at this year’s NFL Draft in Kansas City, Jordan has fond memories of where his own journey into the NFL roster jigsaw puzzle began when he was selected 24th overall by the Saints in 2011. he piled praise on the individuals that selected him and all those who helped him realize a career whose accolades include a spot on the NFL All-Decade Team for the 2010s.

“I’ve been blessed. I mean, I had the same head coach for 11 years. I’ve had the same GM for all 12 years. With that being said, I’ve seen assistant GMs get poached to become GMs of other teams. You talk about Ryan Pace, who was the former director of personnel for the Saints, going over to the Chicago Bears. You had Terry Fontenot, assistant GM for the Saints, that’s now GM of the Atlanta Falcons. You see the work and analytics of it all, and as you get older, you start to understand why we say this game is truly a business.”

And as of this week, that business started booming on smartphones across the gaming world.

NFL Rivals is now available for mobile download in the App Store and Google Play Store. Interested players can also visit nfl.rivals.game for more information and to join the NFL Rivals community.

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