Out of Office: Daymond John

The entrepreneur, author, investor, and TV personality joins “Out of Office” with Rich and Gianni to discuss his uncommon career, from FUBU to Shark Tank and beyond.

Click here to listen to the full episode.

Before Daymond John was a shark, he was a kid born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, and powered by an undying sense of motivation.

After becoming the co-founder of the iconic FUBU clothing brand in 1992 and serving as the company’s president and CEO and later becoming one of the faces of ABC’s Shark Tank, he’s finding ways to pass that motivational fire along to others through his work as an author, speaker, and all-around media personality.

John sits down with Rich Kleiman and Gianni Harrell on the latest episode of Boardroom’s “Out of Office” podcast to discuss his uncommon career, how LL Cool J gave him the ultimate vote of confidence, Shark Tank’s emergence as a television phenomenon, and much more.

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