Out of Office: Annastasia Seebohm

This week on Out of Office, Rich and Gianni talk to Annastasia Seebohm. Seebohm is the newly appointed CEO of Brilliant Minds Foundation. This marks her second CEO role under the age of 35. Brilliant Minds Foundation was founded in 2015 by Spotify founder and CEO, Daniel Ek, and has brought together the world’s most influential thought leaders at the intersection of humanity and technology.

Prior to her current role, Seebohm was the Group CEO of Quintessentially. The first female and millennial to hold the Group CEO role, Seebohm was responsible for the strategy and day-to-day operations of Quintessentially, the world’s leading lifestyle group. She led over 1,000 employees across 50 cities, and spearheaded Quintessentially’s global growth. During her tenure, annual revenues exceeded $100 million. She’s been profiled in publications including Forbes, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg, The CEO Magazine and Harvard Business Review. British GQ listed Seebohm as one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in the UK.

Seebohm talks to Rich and Gianni about the “70/30 rule” she followed to achieve her dream of becoming a CEO before age 30, illuminates the importance of young entrepreneurs finding their “why,” and talks about the childhood experience that supercharged her maturity, enabling her to lead organizations from a young age.

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