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The Eagles Have Entered the Kevin Hart Ecosystem

The Philadelphia Eagles have partnered with Kevin Hart and his Gran Coramino tequila brand. Boardroom caught up with the comic and entrepreneur to talk about it.

Apart from being one of the NFL‘s best teams, the Philadelphia Eagles boast some of the most recognizable fans in the league. From actor Rob McElhenney to Rocky Balboa himself, cheers of “Fly Eagles Fly” inundate celebrity circles like the boos raining down on a Philadelphia Santa Claus.

As the reigning NFC Champions prepare to host the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night, one well-known Eagles fan is combining his love of spirits with football to produce a fitting partnership.

The Eagles have announced a multi-year pact with Kevin Hart and his Gran Coramino tequila brand, making the spirit the Official Luxury Tequila of the Philadelphia Eagles. Eagles fans will be able to purchase various Gran Coramino cocktails at Gran Coramino bars inside Lincoln Financial Field. Later this season, Gran Coramino will host a sweepstakes for fans to win season tickets and an exclusive tequila tasting event with Eagles legends.

“It’s just the alignment of it all,” Hart told Boardroom about why this partnership with the Eagles makes sense. “You’ve got to look at the facilities, the environments that embed a high volume of people and when you can partner or build those relationships that allow you to be the face of or the signature choice for them. I think this is just setting the precedent as to what we can do.”

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Building An Ecosystem

As an actor-turned-businessman, Kevin Hart has the opportunity to work with a number of brands (and his hometown Eagles). Or, as Hart puts it, between acting, stand up, and entrepreneurship, he’s “creating an ecosystem.”

“The best way to understand an ecosystem is to understand people. And my career keeps me in front of every aspect of what a person enjoys,” the father of four explained. “So in developing companies or aligning with them, it’s in doing it with the things that I best respond to or that I see people respond to.”

The key, Hart says, is to work with brands that align with his lifestyle, making them authentic and not forced onto his audience.

“There’s a simple through-line to all that I’ve been able to do,” he said. “And that’s from my space in health and wellness to now spirits, to entertainment and media and also going over to athleisure. And you can even go into food. How do I best position myself to build that through-line and complete a circle? And you got to keep adding the things that get you to go around that circle in a manner of ease and not one of hearts. So as an entrepreneur [who] prides himself on being creative and really aggressive in the space of partnering, this is the best way to do it.”

In addition to being an owner of a tequila brand, Hart has worked with Chase, DraftKings, Fabletics, Old Spice, and more. The Night School actor also founded Hart House — a modern, quick-service eatery that serves vegan and plant-based food — in 2022. Hart is also the chairman of HartBeat, a media and production empire he developed to create a safe space for creatives to showcase their talents on television and in film.

As for whether his decision to partake in numerous ventures dilutes his brand, the Grammy nominee believes that it’s about delivering a message.

“What’s understood doesn’t have to be said,” he continued. “And I don’t think the important side to what I’m doing in my business is forcing a narrative to get people to understand. It’s about what I feel makes me happy and where I feel I can flourish and thrive the most. And in this space, this is what’s given me the opportunity to do that. Those from the outside looking in will see it and understand it. And those that don’t will later discover it.”

Entrepreneurship also allows Hart a different outlet to embrace his creative side, but in a different form.

“The creativity that aligns with being a businessman does just that for me,” he said. “So I think it’s kind of hard to be in the Kevin Hart world and not know what I’m doing as a fan or as a supporter.”

Photo via Gran Coramino

Soaring Expectations

Kevin Hart will be in the house to see the Eagles play their home opener Thursday night, and he hinted that he may bring his pet eagle, which he affectionately named Jalen Hurts. As for how the team fares heading into the primetime showdown against Minnesota, the Philadelphia native is just happy his team wasn’t shut out like a certain NFC East rival.

“We started out the way we wanted to, which was with a win. It could be worse, we could be the Giants,” Hart said. “The Giants were in the space of losing 40 to nothing. That’s not good. But as an Eagles fan, we got a W. Ultimately, this is the year where we know we have to get the job done. And as a leader, our quarterback, Jalen Hurts, I think he’s doing a great job of setting the tone and doing so early in the season is most important.”

As for who he projects the Eagles to face should they return to the Super Bowl stage in 2024, Hart feels it’s too early to make such predictions, and instead would rather wait until Week 4 or 5 to see which AFC side is a suitable opponent.

“I think Week 4 is the most important week because, in the first couple of games, you’re going to have some stars. But you get to see the consistency of certain players, certain defenses, certain offenses by Week 4 or 5. Also in the AFC who seems to be real. I would love for the Eagles to still be 5-0 and then make the decision. So I’m going to wait.”

He added one more thing:

“But what I will say is that the Giants lost by 40 points. That’s a fact.”

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