Detail of DeVonta Smith NFT artwork by digital artist Enzo
Detail of DeVonta Smith NFT artwork by digital artist Enzo Manneli

DeVonta Smith Enters the Crypto World With “Smitty Coin” and an Exclusive NFT Collection

As he embarks on his NFL journey, the Alabama superstar and Heisman Trophy winner is breaking into the blockchain-powered collectibles space.

On Thursday night, the most decorated player of the 2020 college football season makes the leap. DeVonta Smith, a game-breaking wide receiver who earned the Heisman Trophy and unanimous All-American honors as part of a rip-roaring national championship run with the Alabama Crimson Tide, is finally realizing his NFL dream.

And in the run up to the 2021 NFL Draft, Smith has harnessed the power of crypto technology to mark his accomplishments as a player and pay tribute to major off-the-field moments in his life.

DeVonta is partnering with crypto token marketplace Fyooz to create “Smitty Coin,” an all-new token that fans can use to unlock special experiences with the man himself, and collaborated with four elite digital artists — Jon Noorlander, Enzo Manneli, Cyndyk_Ids, and Allo — on an NFT collection that resonates with the Alabama legend on a truly personal level.

Collectible bobblehead action figure NFT by Cyndyk_ids

Fans who secure Smith’s fan tokens will be able to redeem them for exclusive engagements, including playing Call of Duty with him, taking part in a Monday Night Football watch party, receiving a FaceTime call or a personalized message, sitting down for a private dinner, attending a live game with field access, and a chance to win signed cleats and memorabilia.

The NFT collection showcases the four artists’ distinct approaches, from stylized versions of real photos depicting profound moments in Smith’s life (with a special appearance from his mother), a bobblehead action figure as seen above, a gold replica Heisman Trophy that explodes into Bitcoin, recreations of real-life highlights from his college days — the first time an athlete has ever done so — and vibrant artworks presented in the style of trading cards.

The NFT launch stands to do some good for the community that raised Smith, too. He’ll be donating a portion of the proceeds to Little Bethel Baptist Church in his hometown of Amite City, Louisiana.

As Smith told Boardroom, he also hopes that the NFT offerings can continue to move the needle as the NCAA and goverments at the state and federal levels continue to wrestle with regulations regarding amateur athletes monetizing their names, images, and likeneses.

“With the pending NCAA ruling and NIL laws pending, I want to show young athletes how to be able to leverage their likeness and grow their personal brands,” he said.

Custom trading card-style highlight moment NFT by Allo

The initial NFT drop is coming up this weekend, with the Smitty Coin — as well as additional collections soon to be announced — arriving in the weeks to come.

Stay tuned to DeVonta’s Twitter and Instagram feeds for details about time and place.

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