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Want to Invest in a Piece of Tom Brady History? Here’s How.

Collectable has made a full-size ticket from Brad’s first NFL game on Thanksgiving Day 2000 available for fractional investment starting at $10 per share.

As Tom Brady embarks on his quest to win his eighth Super Bowl title beginning Sunday as the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Philadelphia Eagles, collectors now have a chance to own a piece of Brady history.

Collectable is offering fractional shares in a full-size ticket from TB12‘s Nov. 23, 2000 debut with the New England Patriots. It was a Thanksgiving Day game against the Lions, a 34-9 loss on Nov. 23 that included Brady’s first career completion. Shares in the full-size ticket, the only one on record graded in PSA 7 near-mint condition — only one higher-graded edition is known to exist — will be available for $10 per share beginning Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 12.

The 199th pick of that year’s draft from the University of Michigan actually played his first regular season game in the Great Lake State during a 5-11 season, Bill Belichick’s first in Foxborough. After Drew Bledsoe threw a 101-yard pick-six with 4:28 left in the game, Brady entered an NFL game for the first time with 4:04 left. After incompletions to JR Redmond and Terry Glenn, Brady found tight end Rod Rutledge for a six-yard gain on 3rd and 10.

Brady wouldn’t make a regular season appearance until Week 2 of the 2001 season. That was the day Mo Lewis famously knocked Bledsoe out of the game.

The rest is history.

The full IPO price for the Brady debut ticket is $107,750, but starting today, you have the chance to get in on some GOAT action for just one Alexander Hamilton.

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