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“Unicorn” Tom Brady Rookie Card Headed for IPO

Now is your chance to own a share of the NFL GOAT’s most sought-after rookie card.

Leading sports cards and memorabilia platform Collectable will offer investors an opportunity to own shares of one of Tom Brady’s most sought-after rookie cards, the company has announced. The card in question is from the SPX Spectrum set from 2000.

The 2000 SPX Spectrum Tom Brady is numbered 11/25 and has a BGS Grade 9.5. The card is Gem Mint +, as three of the subgrades are 9.5 and centering boasts a 10. This card has a population of 5 in the BGS 9.5 grade but it is the only one that is Gem Mint + and none is graded higher.

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There couldn’t be a better time to get on board in this investment as the defending Super Bowl champion Buccaneers prepare for their playoff run. According to CardLadder, the leading pricing data provider in the sports card space, the BGS 9.5 Tom Brady SPX Spectrum has a projected value of $845,422.

“Collectable has had a banner year, consistently offering some of the most iconic sports collectibles assets to collectors and investors of all income brackets through our fractional platform,” Collectable CEO Ezra Levine told Boardroom. “This Brady card is a fitting finale to our 2021 slate. This is certainly a unique opportunity for investors to own one of the rarest rookie cards of one of the best brands in sports.” 

Collectable has set an IPO price of $538,000, 64% of the projected CardLadder value. This a huge opportunity for anyone to get involved in a high-end Brady rookie. Shares will start at $10 and will become available Thursday, Dec. 30. Investors and collectors alike can end their 2021 on a high note and say they own a share of the 2000 SPX Spectrum Tom Brady 11/25 in a BGS 9.5 grade.

“Given its rarity and condition, this Brady rookie card has been described as a unicorn and museum worthy,” Levine said. “It rarely surfaces publicly. Just 25 copies were printed, and most are in sticky private hands. It’s an exciting opportunity for our community, and the collectibles space, to be able to own a trophy asset like this.” 

As Brady continues to show he’s better than Father Time and looks to win another Super Bowl, why would an investor or any collector not put $10 into this card? No matter what happens after this season, Brady already solidified himself as the GOAT QB with 7 Super Bowl rings, 3 NFL MVPs, and numerous All-Pro selections.

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