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New NFT Platform “The Grid” Unites the Digital World with Physical Artifacts

all-new venture uses crypto technology to bridge the gap between NFTs and tangible collectibles.

The Grid, a groundbreaking non-fungible token platform that allows fans to collect NFTs to gain ownership of rare artifacts from the worlds of sports, entertainment, and beyond. Launching their first piece in November of 2021, The Grid will be the first NFT platform to intertwine curation, authentication, and blockchain technology to create a connection to culturally relevant collectibles.

The creator of The Grid is Sher Chaudhary, who was behind LaMelo Ball’s first NFT collection. Chaudhary noticed there was an opportunity to create digital collectibles directly connected to rare physical collectibles after seeing the tremendous demand for NFTs tied to Ball’s game-worn sneakers from the night he became the youngest player in the NBA to record a triple-double.

“The Grid will break down the barrier to high-end memorabilia through a strict curating process, and directly connect everyday fans to some of the most illustrious pieces in history. We’ll be heavily focused on distributing the world’s rarest game-worn and music-related artifacts on the blockchain. The power of The Grid is that it allows us to program the history, ownership, and value of historic artifacts.”

Sher Chaudhary, creator of The Grid

Even casuals surely know that sports-related NFTs have blown up over the past year, especially NBA Top Shot and Autograph’s collectibles on DraftKings Marketplace, but one source of apprehension for the average sports card and memorabilia collector is that there is ultimately no tangible artifact to hold in your hand. The Grid will use its platform to resolve this issue and appeal to a wide range of collectors.

And to help do so, Sher brought in Karvin Cheung.

Cheung is known for the creation of the Upper Deck Exquisite Collection, the trading card set that’s known for producing several individual assets that have sold for over $1 million. This includes the record-setting LeBron James Rookie Patch Auto card that went for $5.2 million back in April 2021.

Cheung will oversee the creation of NFTs for The Grid. 

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With Karvin’s sports collectible insight and Sher’s knowledge of blockchain technology, The Grid grew into a gamified platform.

The Grid certifies the authenticity and full ownership history of each collectible, and ultimately creates a digital piece of NFT memorabilia that represents the physical space of the artifact. As for the artifacts themselves, each is curated and authenticated through a combination of AI, machine learning, and blockchain technologies. After an artifact is released, The Grid also comes with added incentives to let collectors buy and sell their NFTs. Best of all, once a collector has a certain percentage of an artifact’s NFTs, the collector can then receive the physical artifact.

The Grid’s first release is scheduled for November 2021. You can learn more about The Grid at gridcollection.io, and follow the brand on Twitter @GridCollection.