Infinite Objects brings video print technology to NFTs

Infinite Objects Raises $6 Million to Bring NFT Art into the Physical World

The seed round will help apply video print technology to a wide range of non-fungible token artworks.

Infinite Objects, an emerging company working towards new ways to elevate moving images and digital video, raised $6 million in seed round funding from a diverse group of investors led by Courtside VC, the company announced Thursday.

Encouraged by the boom in NFT popularity that’s taken hold in 2021, Infinite Objects is a big believer in the value of digital content powered by emerging technologies. It’s proven an ability to bring value to virtual collectibles like non-fungible tokens in the physical world, beginning with its first NFT collaboration with digital Beeple last December.

Highlights from Infinite Objects’ collaboration with Beeple

Infinite Objects’ NFT Video Prints allow collectors to display their most prized positions in a meaningful (and potentially lucrative) way.

“Since day one, our goal with Infinite Objects has been to create products that give digital content—specifically video—the value it deserves, by creating a place for it to live outside of our phones and browsers,” said Joseph Saavedra, Infinite Objects’ founder. “In many ways, our product was made for NFTs, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring on an incredible new cohort of investors and partners to bring this vision to collectors and creators across art, entertainment, sports, and media.”

In addition to Courtside VC, participating investors include Serena Ventures, Fuel Capital, Advancit Capital, Thirty Five Ventures co-founders Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman, Betaworks, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, GFR Fund, Dapper Labs, Genies, and Sound Ventures, among other.

Angel investors include Scott Belsky, ThankYouX and pop star Shawn Mendes.

Digital artist Anne Spalter’s “In The Future Everything Will Be Perfect”

“As the world of digital collectibles begins to have a moment, especially with the rise of NFTs, there is a real need to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds,” said Vasu Kulkarni, Courtside VC’s managing partner. “Infinite Objects is the company that is going to do this. Over the next few decades, we at Courtside Ventures believe that digital collectibles will overtake the physical market, and Infinite Objects will be a category-defining company during this transition.”

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