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Glover Teixeira vs. Jiří Procházka in the UFC Multiverse of Madness

Boardroom opens the Multiverse of Madness to explore EVERYTHING that could possibly transpire in the Teixeira vs. Procházka main event at UFC 275 — and what will happen next.

UFC 275 features the first title defense for light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira after the 20-year veteran finally won his first UFC title. Teixeira has never taken the easy road in his career, and he isn’t starting now with his first defense coming against a bloodthirsty powerhouse of an athlete in Jiří Procházka.

Our friends at FanDuel have set the lines in favor of Jiří at -215, with the champ at +164. All signs point to a fight that doesn’t go the full five-round distance, with a Procházka knockout being the most likely stoppage scenario based on the odds.

Let’s open the Multiverse of Madness once again and explore the many outcomes — from realistic to ridiculous — that could possibly occur at UFC 275’s Teixeira vs. Procházka main event.

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Most Likely Teixeira Win Scenario: Submission

FanDuel odds: +380

The odds are stacked against the champion in every aspect of this fight. Any way you spin it, there’s plus money involved for the champion, and Glover being 42 years old doesn’t help when facing an up-and-coming 29-year-old phenom.

However, the phenomenon we recognize as “old man strength” has been highly present in the latter phases of Glover’s career. Just as Jan Błachowicz, who surely underestimated what he was getting himself into last fall at UFC 267.

Sprinkle in Teixeira’s second-degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Luigi Mondelli as the catalyst for 10 submission wins in his career. It all makes sense why he’s in his current position. Sure, Glover may not be the favorite to come out of this content with gold around his waist, but never doubt the strength of a bull and the heart of a champion.

Most Likely Procházka Win Scenario: KO/TKO

FanDuel odds: -125

Jiří is a walking stick of dynamite. He’s also the closest thing in MMA to a bushido-dedicated Japanese warrior straight out of the Edo period. Procházka is built on codes, practices, philosophies, principles, and might. The man packs a ridiculous amount of power — the kind that gets you a title shot in just your third UFC bout.

To put it into perspective, Jiří has a 96% finish rate. He has 25 knockouts out of his 28 wins throughout his MMA career and only one out of his 32 fights has gone to the scorer’s table, with the decision in his favor.

Jiří knows the warrior’s way and that his fists are natural weapons. With his last 10 victories coming from a vicious knockout, Glover’s feel-good championship run could end before it gets started.

Shocking-but-possible Outcome: Procházka by Points

FanDuel Odds: +600

It’s doubtful that any Procházka fight ends in a decision; especially not one scheduled for five rounds. He has the potential to end any war with a single punch, and Glover can snatch necks as soon as battles hit the canvas.

Both power, extreme-forward pressure, and a “never quit” attitude favor Jiří when points come down. Especially if he can maintain his gas tank against a much older opponent.

More explosive matchups have shown fans unbearable contests. Don’t believe us? Watch Francis Ngannou vs. Derrick Lewis, a lesson in the “feel out” process. Nevertheless, never rule out the possibility of a major letdown in MMA, but even if we witness this horrible fate, it still favors the Czech Samurai.

UFC lght heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira makes his second attempted defense of his 205-pound title Saturday in Singapore. (Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images)

MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS Mind-blowing Scenario: Procházka by Submission

FanDuel Odds: +2600

Sure, Jiří has two submission victories on his professional record. However, none since 2014 or against an opponent with the credentials of Glover. On top of that, Teixeira has never lost by submission in his career. The beautiful aspect of MMA is that anything is possible if the correct sequence of events occurs from the MMA Gods.

Fans never thought that legendary fourth-degree black belt Jacare Souza would ever lose by submission. But after a 12-year career, 40 fights, and 18 wins, Souza finally tapped to an armbar from André Muniz.

Muniz was a third-degree black belt in his own right, which lessens the probability that Glover would be tapped. But if it does happen, the MMA community will be in shock for years to come.

Prepare for absolute chaos in this main event. Either a veteran will prolong his ride into the sunset, or an emerging force in the light heavyweight division will send him there.

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