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Ranking The ‘Scream’ Movies By Record-breaking Box Office Numbers

Last Updated: July 1, 2023
The saga of Ghostface continues, and the latest Scream VI debut proves that the franchise is here to stay.

Ghostface has made its epic return in Scream VI with an entirely new cast and a new killer on the loose. The film stars Jenna Ortega, Courtney Cox, Hayden Panettiere, and Melissa Barerra coming to battle against the anonymous slasher extraordinaire. 

The film tells the story without its original star Neve Campbell, who played Sidney Prescott, in the first few movies dating back to 1996. According to Forbes, Campbell departed the series because “I did not feel that what I was being offered equated to the value that I bring to this franchise, and have brought to this franchise, for 25 years.”

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Though the movie does not have its original horror leading lady the film debuted with $44.5 million at the box office opening weekend solidifying that this new era is worth viewing. “It’s extraordinary to have this type of result after six films,” said Chris Aronson, Paramount’s President of Domestic Distribution. “We blew away the opening of the last ‘Scream.’ That doesn’t happen.”

The impact of the Scream franchise continues to live on from the quotable lines to memorable death scenes – and according to these box office numbers, Boardroom knows what your favorite scary movie is.

Scream VI ($44.5 Million)

The most recent franchise installment made significant waves over the weekend as it became the highest-grossing film out of the previous films. According to Paramount, the film cost $33 million to make. “I think what it did for us was it put us in touch with a tone that I don’t think we maybe otherwise would’ve experienced,” Director Tyler Gillett told IndieWire. “Our careers have always been some form of emulation, some form of trying to achieve that feeling that we first had when we watched that first ‘Scream’ movie.”

Scream III ( $34.7 Million)

The third film revived what critics thought would be the end of an era with Scream III. The Los Angeles Times reviewed it as genuinely scary and stated Scream 3 securely regains the edge that Scream 2 to some extent lost, and ends the trilogy on a strong high note. The cast was ready to say goodbye to Ghostface once and for all. “We always vowed from the beginning it would be three and out,” Director Wes Craven told Entertainment Tonight. “So there’s not going to be another one after this.”  

Scream II ($32.9 Million)

The highly anticipated sequel garnered great numbers and allowed viewers to see a new perspective of Syndey and the gang. According to Variety, Scream 2 is even more insidious, beginning with the fictionalized movie based on a “real” incident that in fact exists only on celluloid. 

Scream (2022) ( $30 Million)

The reboot of the beloved franchise came to theaters in 2022 and created a resurgence surrounding the slasher film. We are tremendously grateful to the fans around the world who enthusiastically received our film. We can’t wait for audiences to see what Radio Silence, writers Jamie & Guy and Project X have in store for our Woodsboro family,” Spyglass and Paramount said in a joint statement.

Scream IV ( $18.6 Million)

The original revamp of the horror film hit theaters in 2011 with familiar faces like Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere. “There were times when we were filming in a weird house at 2 AM, and I’d get really spooked out,” she told Elle in 2011. “But what I’ve always loved about the ‘Scream’ films is that they’ll have you terrified one moment and laughing the next.”