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NFT Sales Roundup: Rare Otherdeed NFT Sells for $1.6M

Last Updated: July 5, 2023
This week’s roundup also includes big NFT sales coming out of Moonbirds, Bored Ape Yacht Club, World of Women, and more.

We knew NFTs would inevitably be tied up in the current cryptocurrency market crash, and CryptoSlam’s latest data shows that non-fungible token sales are indeed down 61% compared to the previous week.

Looking at the overall NFT market in the past seven days, NonFungible reports that there have been about 28,000 NFT transactions, which include sales, mints, and transfers. CryptoSlam’s figures indicate that Azuki has featured the highest total revenues over the past week by this measure, bringing in $103.9 million as of May 13. Otherdeed and Bored Ape Yacht Club rounded out the top three, bringing in $93.3 million and $51.2 million in sales, respectively.

Here’s our last NFT Sales Roundup if you missed it. And an update on methodology: we’ll be regularly using crypto rates from this site to show how much the dollar amount of an NFT sale was on the day the transaction happened.

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More NFT sales data from the week of May 6 to May 13:

  • Azuki is having a rough week since the project’s founder shared in a blog that he was involved in a few other failed NFT projects that the crypto community dubbed “rug pulls.” NFT Price Floor reports that the collection’s floor price has dropped 36% in the last seven days.
  • While Yuga Labs’ Otherdeed tops the list specifically with regards to gross sales over the past week (as opposed to all possible transactions), sale volume is down 88%, according to CryptoSlam’s data. The collection’s floor price on OpenSea is 2.99 ETH (or $6,255).
  • Some CryptoPunks sold for pretty low prices this week compared to their usual numbers. CryptoPunk #7503 was bought for $106,111.49 on May 9, and Darren Rovell of The Action Network noting that this was the lowest-priced sale of a CryptoPunk in nine months. CryptoPunk #4114 sold for $127,746 on May 11 after being sold six months ago for a whopping $605,934.

 Here are 10 top NFT sales from the past seven days.

Otherdeed #59906 sold for nearly $1.6 million (625 ETH) on May 7.
Bean #17194 sold for $107,498 (40 ETH) on May 6.
Bored Ape #1725 sold for $575,615 (250 ETH) on May 10.
Doodle #1078 sold for $187,355 (69.69 ETH) on May 7.
Moonbird #5094 sold for roughly $240,000 (125 ETH) on May 12.
CryptoPunk #8131 sold for $192,571 (72 ETH) on May 7.
CloneX #18374 sold for $276,295 (120 ETH) on May 10.
Azuki #6060 sold for $157,092 (66.6 ETH) on May 11.
Woman #1460 from World of Women sold for $66,650 (25 ETH) on May 7.
Meebit #11329 sold for $49,798 (26 ETH) on May 12.
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