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NFT Sales Roundup: Bitcoin Blockchain Activity Down 45%

Last Updated: July 5, 2023
The latest edition of Boardroom’s NFT Sales Roundup includes updates from Bitcoin NFTs, CryptoPunks, DMarket, a Redbull and Doodles collab, and more.

It’s been a minute, but we’re back with the latest NFT sales news you need to know about this week.

CryptoSlam’s data shows that over 497,700 buyers spent over $152.9 million on NFTs in the past seven days, down roughly 9% compared to the previous week. The overall volume of NFT activity is up 3.6% overall over the same period, however, with roughly 2 million transactions consummated between May 19 and 26. Bitcoin-based NFT sales plummeted a bit over this span, but an $ORDI BRC-20 NFT sold for $684,505 earlier Friday — that’s your biggest NFT sale of the week.

NFT sales and blockchain volume changes over the past week, per CryptoSlam:

  • Ethereum (+4.5%) and Solana (+35.7%) sales are up this week, with the blockchains respectively attracting $88.8 million and $11.5 million in activity.
  • $ORDI BRC-20 NFT sales fell to $3.4 million, down 36.4%. Overall, the Bitcoin blockchain attracted $22.7 million in sales, down 45.6%.
  • Polygon (-31.9%) sales are down to $5.9 million, while Cardano (24.3%) saw an uptick with $2.02 million in sales.
  • DMarket, the top-selling NFT project this past week, is a Mythos-based project. Usually, Ethereum-based projects dominate the charts.

Highest-selling NFT projects, also via CryptoSlam:

  • DMarket: $7.3 million (-16.9%)
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club: $5.3 million (+8.2%)
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club: $5.1 million (-36.7%)
  • Gods Unchained Cards: $4.9 million (+55.9%)
  • Milady Maker: $3.9 million (+85.2%)
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More NFT and crypto news:

  • Red Bull collaborated with innovation consultancy Vayner3 to launch its Doodle Art Program, which curated the Red Bull Doodle Art Collection. The new NFT collection mentored by Doodles lead artist Burnt Toast features 61 exclusive digital art pieces up for grabs.
  • Binance launched an NFT loan program that will initially support Ethereum loans and NFTs from Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, and Doodles.
  • The Solana blockchain is rolling out a ChatGPT plugin to assist users with smaller tasks like NFT purchases and research.
  • Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier confirmed that the crypto wallet provider may share its users’ private keys with the government if the company is ever subpoenaed. That’s for users who opt into Ledger’s new recovery program.
  • SuperRare is back in NYC with another pop-up digital art gallery for two months, kicking off with a solo exhibit from AI artist Claire Silver.

Top NFT Sales of the Week

CryptoPunk #4680 sold for $316,305 (174 ETH) on May 22.

Autoglyph #376 sold for $281,765 (155 ETH) on May 20.

Bored Ape #3263 sold for $181,488 (100 ETH) on May 19.

DeGods #7842 sold for $102,249 (55 ETH) on May 23.

Noun #100 sold for $72,385 (40 ETH) on May 21.

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