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OpenAI’s New ChatGPT App Explained

Last Updated: July 5, 2023

OpenAI launched its long-awaited ChatGPT mobile app Thursday for Apple iOS users in the United States, adding to the phenomenon that’s proven to be the biggest technological innovation to date thus far in 2023. The release comes only a few months after the first consumer-facing iteration of the artificial intelligence chatbot debuted in November and sent shockwaves around the world regarding its datamining capabilities and seemingly limitless potential as a generative model.

Here’s a basic outline of what you need to know about the ChatGPT app, with OpenAI additionally stating in a blog post that an Android version is coming soon:

  • The app is free if you have iOS version 16.1 or later, and your user chat history will be synced across browser, iPhone, and iPad.
  • The app, unlike the browser version, responds to voice commands like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa would except in text form. ChatGPT has this functionality through its open-source speech recognition system, Whisper.
  • The app’s welcome screen clearly lays out warnings for its users, including that ChatGPT can be inaccurate about people, places, and facts, and that sensitive information should not be shared.
  • ChatGPT subscribers, a premium function launched in February, will get exclusive access to the latest GPT-4 model with access to new features and faster response times.
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Whether you just want intuitive search, want to have a school paper entirely written for you (we obviously don’t recommend this), seek advice or guidance on a specific issue, aim increase professional productivity, or just want to have a bit of cheeky fun, US-based iOS users will now have an app to optimize their ChatGPT experience thanks to a notable a step that makes this increasingly ubiquitous product even more widely accessible.

“As we gather user feedback, we’re committed to continuous feature and safety improvements for ChatGPT,” OpenAI’s blog post said. “We’re taking another step towards our mission by transforming state-of-the-art research into useful tools that empower people, while continuously making them more accessible.” 

Click here to download the ChatGPT app for iOS mobile devices.

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