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Every NFL Fan Base Has a Price

Last Updated: July 1, 2023
A new survey polled 1,000 NFL fans on how much they’d be willing to spend if it meant their team would win the Super Bowl.

NFL Draft weekend is here, and every team is looking for those missing pieces to help deliver the big prize: a Super Bowl win.

While the proceedings take place in Kansas City, fans around the world are dreaming of their team’s incoming rookie class lifting that Lombardi Trophy next February. But how badly do those fans really want their teams to win the championship?

PickWise polled just over 1,000 NFL fans with a simple question: How much would they pay if it meant their team would win the Super Bowl?

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After narrowly missing out on their first title in 2022 at Super Bowl LVI, the Cincinnati Bengals lead the league, with fans willing to pay an average of $9,347 to see them finally close it out.

Lamar Jackson‘s Baltimore Ravens came in second with fans willing to cough up $8,529. The most recent Super Bowl-losing team, the San Francisco 49ers, finished third at $6,231, the Jordan Love-led Green Bay Packers are fourth at $3,638, and the New York Giants round out the top five at $3,246.

Interestingly, the Los Angeles Rams, the team that defeated Cincinnati in Super Bowl LVI, have the fans least willing to spend for a championship win, at an average of $46. The Super Bowl LV-winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers place second-lowest at $101, followed by fans of the Tennessee Titans at $105, Jacksonville Jaguars at $122, and Miami Dolphins at $156.

Fans of nine teams would be willing to pay more than $1,000 for a title, including Dallas Cowboys fans at $1,003. But fans of 10 teams wouldn’t be down to dole out more than $300, including a range of teams that have won multiple Super Bowls, like the New England Patriots ($291) and Kansas City Chiefs ($196), but also clubs who have never taken it all like the Carolina Panthers ($292), and teams like the Washington Commanders ($215) and Chicago Bears ($241), who haven’t won in decades.

No matter what situation your favorite team is in, every fan has their price.

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