The NFL is introducing a new era for collectible tickets. (Matt Jonas/Digital First Media/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images)

NFL NFT Tickets Arrive for Thanksgiving 2021

The commemorative digital collectibles campaign debuts Week 12 for Bears-Lions on Thanksgiving day and runs through Week 18.

The NFL has announced it will give fans the chance to receive complimentary virtual commemorative tickets in NFT form after attending select games from Thanksgiving Day through the end of the 2021 regular season. The non-fungible tokens produced alongside Ticketmaster will provide fans with a special kind of memento with an assist from the ever-expanding world of blockchain-powered collectibles.

“These special NFTs give fans a keepsake to remember the game they attended and share the experience with their friends online,” said Brendan Lynch, EVP, Enterprise & Revenue at Ticketmaster in a release. “As we continue to invest and innovate in this space, we’re proud to partner with the NFL to help fans unlock a whole new way to extend their gameday experience.”

Fans will receive formal notice about gaining access to these collectibles via email after attending an eligible game. They will then be able to manage the NFT in a dedicated NFL NFT marketplace powered by Ticketmaster. Additionally, the marketplace will release a limited-edition set of digital collectibles covering all 32 teams

“Creating more one-to-one experiences through innovation and technology is a high priority across the League and clubs,” said Bobby Gallo, SVP of Club Business Development at the NFL in a release. “Leveraging the emerging world of NFTs is a new and exciting way for us to create additional value and to further engage with fans who attend select games by providing a virtual commemorative ticket. There is no better time than the upcoming holiday season to kick off this fun and engaging fan experience, starting with the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day matchup.”

To learn more about virtual commemorative tickets and the NFL’s Ticketmaster NFT marketplace, click here.

 All told, there are 21 games that are eligible for NFT ticketing. But don’t expect the league’s exploration into the world of crypto-powered collectibles to stop after Week 18 — there’s much more in store in the months and years to come.

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