NFL Linebacker Cassius Marsh Opens Trading Card Shop

Steelers outside linebacker Cassius Marsh has been working on an offseason project that has always been a dream. For even longer than he has wanted to play in the NFL, Marsh has had a passion for fantasy card games like Magic and Pokemon, and according to Sports Illustrated, Marsh will open his own trading card store on February 26th. 

“Cash Cards Unlimited” will open in Westlake Village, California, specializing in Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon, as well as sports cards. Marsh wants the shop to feel like a designer store, where shopping is a full trading card experience. “Cash Cards Unlimited” plans to have unique aspects within the store, including a “showroom” and “vibe area,” illuminated by neon bulbs. 

Just inside the store entrance sits a display case with some of the most coveted items in the hobby, like a First-edition Yu-Gi-Oh! Box, Pokemon set blister packs (which sell for $1,500 for a 10 card pack), and other collectible grails. 

Marsh, the self-proclaimed “Foil King,” sees significant growth potential in an already booming hobby. 

“All of this stuff, it’s art. For the new generation, these cards are similar to buying Picasso. They’re high-end collectibles. High-end art. A lot of these pieces are extremely rare. It’s like getting a personal piece from a famous artist,” Marsh said.

“It’s in infancy now.”

Marsh provides updates on his store on his personal Instagram and the Cash Cards Unlimited account, which also features live breaks. A store that offers a full trading card experience and cool atmosphere is a mold that has worked for Flight Club, and of course, designer stores, Marsh could be a leader in what ultimately becomes a popular blueprint for the future of trading card stores as well. 


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