Marshawn Lynch Launching High-End Cannabis Company

Longtime NFL running back Marshawn Lynch is the latest athlete to jump into the cannabis industry, announcing Dodi Blunts’ launch, a “premium, crafted cannabis brand-platform” featuring 24kt diamond-infused blunts. 

“Dodi” means high-quality marijuana, and Lynch promises just that. 

“Fans who indulge in the first run of Dodi Blunts will experience the highest, richest potency from palm leaf wrapped blunts infused with THCa diamonds,” Lynch said in a press release. 

Lynch is far from alone as an athlete joining the Cannabis industry as fellow former running Rickey Williams and former NBA players Al Harrington and John Salley have all launched their own companies in the sector. 

Dodi is targeting $10 million in sales in the first 12 months with other products such as accessories and apparel. 


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