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Michael Irvin Enters Crypto as TradeZing Investor

Last Updated: July 6, 2023
Irvin was named an investor and member of the board for the startup Web3 education platform as it launched at the Bitcoin 2022 conference.

Hall of Fame NFL wide receiver Michael Irvin is on a mission to get more athletes and investors from younger generations acquainted with the Web3 space.

The former Dallas Cowboys star wants to learn as much as he can about NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and the metaverse, while bringing his supporters along on his journey.

“First of all, [Web3] is the future here, and we have to get involved in what’s happening,” Irvin told Boardroom in an exclusive interview. “I am nowhere near an expert in any of these fields, but that’s why I make sure I partner with the best: so they can teach me.”

Irvin was eager to work in the Web3 space, but he didn’t understand it or know how to break in. So, he went to his agent, Steve Mandell, and shared his Web3 interests and aspirations. The pair explored various business ideas and partnerships before landing on TradeZing.

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Investing in TradeZing

Launched on April 6 at the Bitcoin 2022 conference, TradeZing is building a live-streaming, social engagement, and Web3 platform for millennial and Gen Z traders. The company was founded by CEO Jordan Edelson, a serial entrepreneur and former leader of Appetizer Mobile, Chic Sketch, and Game Broadcast Live. TradeZing’s leadership team also includes former employees from YouTube, Apple, Samsung, Accenture, and other major brands.

Mandell joins the TradeZing team as a co-founder.

โ€œIt will be a space to cultivate and support content creators who are navigating and educating the future of income generation,” Mandell said in an official release. “Anyone who wants to learn about trading, NFTs, equities, and the metaverse, while also taking control of their finances will be able to do so with TradeZing.โ€

Irvin is an investor in TradeZing and will be serving as a member of its board of advisors.

“We got some of the best people in the world,” Irvin expressed. “The mission is simple: to educate people on what is really happening out here and on opportunities that you have in these places you don’t understand.”

Irvin’s financial investment in TradeZing weighs just as heavy as his personal interest in the company. He’s not in it for the money or the clout. He believes in the crypto industry’s potential and wants to educate people interested in breaking into it from scratch as he did.

“Let’s do something to help people,” Irvin said of his conversation with TradeZing’s leadership about their business approach. “Not every businessman wants to make money, but the money will follow [after] helping people.”

Irvin shared with Boardroom that TradeZing recently finished up beta testing for its flagship platform. There is currently a waitlist to get into TradeZing’s platform, but it will be launching soon, a media rep from the company confirmed.

Building a Better Future

Irvin continued creating a name for himself after retiring from the NFL in 1999. He left the Cowboys behind, but he found new teammates as a sports commentator for ESPN and NFL Network. He now hostsThe Michael Irvin Podcast.

Irvin is bringing that team-oriented mentality to TradeZing.

He said he’ll be working very closely with the TradeZing team, not just because he’s an investor but because he believes building community is the best way to learn about the Web3 market.

While TradeZing’s target audience focuses on young traders, the platform will be open for any and everybody to use โ€” including athletes. Irvin said he hopes athletes educate themselves on Web3, even if they don’t plan on investing in the industry long-term.

“I want to help my people, and when I say ‘my people,’ I’m talking about football players and guys like that,” Irvin said. “[We] gotta make sure we put a stop to what I call one of the most horrific things in the world: when you put all these great years in [playing], make all of that money, and end up with nothing.”

Irvin’s commitment to Web3 became even more apparent following his experience at Bitcoin 2022. The conference hosted by Bitcoin Magazine and sponsored by Cash App attracted 30,000 attendees and exhibitors last week in Miami to learn and network about the growing industry.

At one point, Irvin said, someone took the time to explain to him what crypto mining is during an event. Getting like-minded people together and collaborating with other stars, as well as the growing industries crypto touches, were his favorite parts of Bitcoin 2022.

“I didn’t know there were so many people in this industry,” he said. “You can see the excitement from everybody around. I’ve met so many people, which brings about so many opportunities.”

Over the next year, Irvin will be focused on helping TradeZing expand its presence in the crypto education world. He said he’s invested in this venture for the long haul.

“This isn’t going anywhere. This is here,” Irvin said about the crypto industry. “You have to get in the game. That’s what I did.”

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