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The Entrepreneurial Evolution of Mark Wahlberg

The Hollywood superstar has built an impressive portfolio of business with a range reflective of his on-screen performances. Boardroom caught up with him in his new home of Las Vegas to discuss his entrepreneurship, what he’s looking for in his business partners, and more.

It’s quite the transitional period for Mark Wahlberg. After decades in Hollywood, last year the actor left Los Angeles for Las Vegas, a move Wahlberg says was motivated by his desire give his four kids a “better life.” With new plans to make Sin City the latest film hub, Wahlberg is also taking charge of more endeavors away from the camera: his flourishing entrepreneurial empire.

“Everything that we do is super aspirational,” Wahlberg said to Boardroom during the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix in November. “It doesn’t matter where you start, there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish if you’re willing to do the work. You come up with a plan and then you hustle to make it happen. But it’s all about finding the right people and making sure that you’re betting on yourself.”

In addition to acres of land suitable for blockbuster sets, having an expansive studio lot in Las Vegas provides more affordable housing and a better quality of life for crews. Wahlberg has already made two movies since relocating to Nevada, too.

Among Wahlberg’s off-screen commitments includes the lifestyle brand MUNICIPAL, which he says he strives to build into a massive brand, akin to Nike or Lululemon. In order to help bolster the brand, Wahlberg is growing its bench of ambassadors with athletes who represent the entrepreneurial hustle that serves as its foundation.

Earlier this year, the Ted star joined forces with Myles Garrett, adding the Cleveland Browns defensive end to his lifestyle brand MUNICIPAL as an ambassador and equity partner. In the release, Wahlberg said Garrett is “100% a MUNICIPAL man.” Garrett — who has had a big year of investments himself, signing on as a minority owner of the Cleveland Browns – has found a kindred spiring in Wahlberg. He told Boardroom that “Mark has been a great sounding board for ideas.” Also on the MUNICIPAL roster? Golfer Wyndham Clark, this year’s U.S. Open champion.

“Anybody who has that same kind of passion, hustle, and grind are people we want to work with,” said Wahlberg. “It’s much more about partnering up with us. You could always give somebody free gear or a check to wear your stuff. But it’s different when somebody’s an investor in the business and has real equity.”

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Mark Wahlberg’s Evolution Beyond Entertainment

Wahlberg’s career surged during a period when consumers waited with bated breath for a new release of any kind and couldn’t binge through a show in one weekend. He served as executive producer of five HBO series, most notably the dramedy Entourage. Loosely based on his own experience in Hollywood, he shared his thoughts on the new avenues people are consuming media as of late, from an uptick of short-form material TikTok to scripted programs dropping at once on streaming platforms.

“I try to stay in tune and up on everything that’s happening. But it’s great people have different ways to decide when and where they want to consume their content. Whether it be on their phone in 30-second bits, a 30-minute comedy like Entourage, an hour-long series like Boardwalk Empire, or a two-hour film, you have to have quality content.”

He adds that while there are plenty of videos posted online that’ll get people’s attention in the short term, “you want to create work with longevity.” Lucky for aspiring entertainers hoping to emulate Wahlberg’s success, he’s always got his finger on the pulse, always watching for the next face he can bring to the desert, aka Hollywood 2.0.

As for advice he’d give to anyone looking to become a multihyphenate:

“I think just watching other people do it, people sharing their game, sharing success. I’ve been very fortunate to meet a lot of people who have been successful and kind of paved the way, but you have to go out there and do the work. The hustle, the grind, I mean, that is the most important thing.

“I think many people have been told no, this is never going to work. But you have to continue to believe in yourself and then you’ll find people that will believe in you.”

The Mark Wahlberg Brand

Throughout his career, Wahlberg has developed a keen business acumen that has led to a deep portfolio of endeavors that keep him busy. And, much like his acting career, his businesses have range. From burgers to fitness, Wahlberg is eager to get involved in it all. Read on for a complete breakdown of Mark Wahlberg’s business profile:

  • Production company: Closest to the Hole (2004)
  • Unscripted production company: Unrealistic Ideas (2018)
  • Founded Wahlburgers (2011)
  • Invested in Aquahydrate (2012)
  • Co-founded Performance Inspired (2016)
  • Co-opened Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet (2018)
  • Invested Flecha Azul Tequila (2019)
  • Started MUNICIPAL clothing (2020)
  • Chief Brand Officer: F45 (2023)

Inspired by the buzz of Sin City, who knows what’s next for Mark Wahlberg. Whatever it is, you can expect it to be built with heart and hustle.

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