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Myles Garrett Suits Up with MUNICIPAL

Last Updated: December 20, 2023
The All Pro defensive end will join the Mark Wahlberg-founded active lifestyle brand as an equity partner. He exclusively spoke to Boardroom about his new role, his approach to entrepreneurship, and more.

Myles Garrett is widely believed to be one of the NFL‘s best defensive ends. However, he has quietly assembled a bustling portfolio of businesses off the field.

The four-time Pro Bowler announced exclusively to Boardroom that he is joining MUNICIPAL as a brand ambassador and equity partner. Actor Mark Wahlberg founded the active lifestyle brand in 2019. Now, Garrett will extend his partnership with the brand.

Upon revealing the news, Wahlberg said in a statement: “You don’t need to spend more than a few seconds talking to Myles to know he’s built differently. In the gym, on the field, out in the community, he’s all out and won’t stop until he achieves what he’s setting out to achieve. He’s 100% a MUNICIPAL man.”

As a core part of the partnership, Garrett will collaborate with the company to provide opportunities for the Cleveland community. Drafted by the Browns in 2017, Garrett has made his mark locally. The news comes just weeks after Garrett finalized his purchase of a minority stake in the Cleveland Cavaliers. He will also serve as a brand ambassador for the team.

Boardroom checked in with the 27-year-old ahead of the announcement. He discussed what attracted him to MUNICIPAL, how he identifies investment opportunities, and much more.

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Bernadette Doykos: How did MUNICIPAL first come across your radar? 

MYLES GARRETT: MUNICIPAL was a brand that came on my radar a few years ago. I had started to build a relationship with Mark Wahlberg and he invited me over to his home. We discussed things we had in common, a work ethic and a drive to make the most of the opportunities we had, and how we can inspire others to do the same. 

BD: Throughout the process of brokering your new partnership, how involved was Mark Wahlberg? What about his vision for the company made you want to get involved in such an elevated capacity? 

MG: Mark has been a great sounding board for ideas. One of the more important things that has stood out was to be authentic to yourself and how important it is to have a great team around you.

The vision for the company is in the name of the company — MUNICIPAL. No one does anything great alone; [together, we’re working towards] how can we be part of our community and achieve great things together.

BD: What was it about the company that made you want to get involved? 

MG: The opportunity had to make sense from a business sense, an opportunity sense, and an impact sense. We sat down to look at all the options on the table and MUNICIPAL aligned with what we want to accomplish in the now, as well as the opportunities and doors we want to open in the future.  

BD: How do you see your role in the company, now that you’re an equity partner? 

MG: The CEO of MUNICIPAL, Harry Arnett, has been incredible in terms of building a true partnership — he has been great with implementing ideas and goals related to anything from future product release, community givebacks, and how we can continue to grow.   

BD: You’re not even 30 yet and you’ve assembled a pretty lengthy list of deals and partnerships, including ownership in the MLP’s Texas Ranchers, an equity stake in Lobos 1707 Tequila, and much more. Did any athletes offer you advice that you’ve taken on as your North Star? 

MG: I wouldn’t say athletes offered advice as much as it was the KLUTCH Sports Group team that really leans in to understanding the opportunities I have and to make the most of them, strategically and wisely. Rich Paul as CEO, Nicole Lynn (Head of Football) as my agent, and Shey Olaoshebikan on the Marketing / Strategic Partnerships side of the business have served as invaluable sounding boards as we continue to grow. 

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

BD: News just recently broke that you are joining the Cavaliers as a minority partner. How did that opportunity come to you? You’ll also be serving as an ambassador for the team, what might that entail? 

MG: I’ve always loved the game of basketball and had an incredible opportunity with the Cavs. We’ve had multiple conversations over the past few years on a mutual desire to do more together from NBA Summer League, NBA All-Star Weekend, and being a regular at the Cavs home games. We believe there’s an incredible opportunity to grow and do more together.

I won’t give away all of what we have planned but I will share that there could be a night where I take over the DJ booth at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, I’ve discussed switching jobs for a day with Darius Garland, and I’ve challenged Donovan Mitchell to a dunk contest — we’ll see if he takes me up on the offer. 

BD: Do you see opportunities to blend MUNICIPAL with some of your other business opportunities? 

MG: Absolutely. We want to have an impact that connects with communities all over the world. We have a vision on having a global impact and building a sustainable company that resonates inside and outside the world of Sport.  

BD: What advice do you have for younger players coming into the league as they consider new business partnerships?  

MG: How important it is to have a great team around you that understands you as a person, the impact you want to have, your brand identity and how you connect with others, as well as what business partnerships make sense for today and tomorrow.

Also, be willing to grow and be an active participant in business partnerships. 

BD: Do you look up to any athletes for how they conduct their business of investments off the field? 

MG: Observing athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James maximize the opportunity they’ve had and understanding the business of it all has been incredible for me. Not necessarily looking at the ‘what’ but the ‘how’ and ‘why’ in opportunities has been a helpful ideology that my team and I lean into when making business decisions.  

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