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Logan Paul is Reaping the Rewards of Web3

Last Updated: September 26, 2022
Being the risk-taking collectible enthusiast that he is, Logan Paul has both invested and created in Web3. Boardroom sat down with him at VeeCon 2022 to dive into his recent work.

In the past year, Logan Paul has slowly made a name for himself in the NFT industry, and not just by purchasing digital art. The YouTuber-turned-professional-boxer-turned-NFT-guru is confident that Web3 and all of its potential is here to stay.

His new focus is no surprise, since he’s always been into collectibles. He earned his spot in the Guinness Book of World Records last July when he broke the record for the most expensive Pokémon trading card sold at a private sale, when he acquired a rare Pikachu Illustrator card for $5.275 million.

“I like to take risks because I believe money can be made back and I like to win big,” Paul told Boardroom. “But with that, you lose big as well.”

He has been investing, launching his own Web3 ventures, and even gaining large returns on some NFTs. Paul confirmed to Boardroom that he spent $2.6 million on 139 NFTs in 2021, and he only got started purchasing them last year. When WoW launched, Paul dropped nearly $800,000 to purchase 42 NFTs from the project. He also sold his first NFT, a World of Women piece, for 200 ETH in January. That sale was worth $765,000 at the time and brought in a $535,000 profit for Paul. He told Boardroom that the purchase just made sense to him because he believes in the project and the team behind it.

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Paul says his favorite NFT in his collection is his one-of-one Champions NFT from the WoW Galaxy collection, which was individually drawn by WoW creator Yam Karkai.

“I bought my Crypto Punks, bought my Bored Apes, bought my World of Women,” Paul said. “Then I transitioned from collecting to creating, which is kind of what I’m inherently attracted to.”

Paul is at the helm of a few other businesses outside of Web3 right now, including his new beverage brand with KSI, called Prime Hydration, and his renowned ImPaulsive podcast featuring celebrity guests. Paul jokingly told Boardroom he showers in Prime, which goes to show how all-in he is on his projects.

“I do a lot and I have an amazing team that helps me sort my life out,” Paul said. “I just do as I’m told and then I kind of run the creative behind the scenes, weave the narrative, show up, and activate.”

Logan Paul Originals

Paul’s most notable project right now is 99 Originals, an NFT collection featuring 99 Polaroids Paul took himself. The 99 original Polaroids come from a collection of 4,000 photos Paul took on his traveling journey last fall that spanned nearly 85,000 miles. Each photograph contains a story and holders get the physical photo when they purchase one.

The first original launched in April, and each day since there have been daily live auctions that will run until all 99 NFTs are claimed. The 99 Originals daily auctions are randomized, but each Polaroid is numbered. Each 99 Originals NFT grants the holder one vote in the Originals DAO and some NFTs in the collection come with a charitable component that allows the DAO to choose between three charities to send proceeds from specific NFTs. Also, 50% of the revenue from sales goes into a community treasury that will be controlled by the DAO.

“This is a modern-day fund in my opinion,” Paul said. “It’s a cool way for me to continue creating and also utilize this new technology.”

Paul told Boardroom that there will be an exclusive 100th polaroid up for sale once the 99 Originals collection is fully claimed.

Another one of Paul’s Web3 ventures is Liquid MarketPlace, a platform that allows people to buy, sell, own, and trade portions of rare collectibles in real-time. The company is on a mission to make high-valued collectibles accessible to anyone. To do this, Liquid MarketPlace authenticates and appraises collectibles, secures items in a physical vault, tokenizes collectibles through offerings, and manages sales on its secondary marketplace.

Paul has mastered the art of content creation and leveraging social media trends to push his passions forward. He has over 100 million followers on social media who are riding along with him deeper into Web3.

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