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What are the Benefits of Infused Cannabis Prerolls?

Last Updated: July 1, 2023
From the ease of access to the variety of options, there are multiple reasons why smoking infused cannabis prerolls are beneficial. Boardroom breaks it down.

If you want to get high as hell, infused cannabis prerolls will definitely do the job. Made up of different strains and concentrates, one can find many different types of infused joints that will satisfy even the snobbiest of stoners. 

Here’s some info about what infused prerolls are and their benefits, as their popularity continues to grow across multiple cannabis markets.

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What are Infused Prerolls? 

Prerolls are joints that were already rolled/packed for you. They can be hand-rolled or they can be machine-packed depending on the brand you’re getting them from. Prerolls only contain cannabis flower.

Infused prerolls are ones that also contain a concentrate. They can be made with a variety of concentrates, including live resin, live rosin, and all the consistencies of concentrates that come from these methods. You can also use kief to infuse your cannabis flower.

The Benefits of Buying Infused Prerolls

The many benefits of infused joints are:

  1. They’re convenient to buy and smoke immediately.
  2. They have a higher potency than regular joints.
  3. There are many different options for each kind of smoker.
  4. Certain concentrates boost the flavor in your prerolls.
  5. You can make your own, chef’s choice on how.


It’s convenient to not have to roll up your own infused joints. A lot of people are grab-and-go smokers that prefer to throw down a few bucks and walk outside with a joint they can burn immediately. This makes purchasing infused joints a great option for the people that shop with the pockets, but still want to get dumb high. 


How high is too high? There’s no answer, but infused products are definitely the result of people trying to find out. The potency of products lies within the trichomes on the plant. Concentrates are made directly from the trichomes; they’re a high concentration of THC, terpenes, etc. So adding live resin diamonds or live rosin badder to your joints makes the potency skyrocket, thus allowing you to bet higher faster, for longer, with less smoking needed. 

Many infused joints contain distillate, which is pretty much 99% THC (with no terps) that will turn the most basic joint into an absolute power punch.


All infused joints hold cannabis flower, but they’re also packed with different types of extracts for each type of consumer. If you enjoy solventless extracts, you can grab joints infused with rosin or kief. If you are not too particular and are looking for added flavor and potency, there are joints infused with live resin that will do you just fine. Knowing what’s right for you is all about consumer preference and finding reputable companies that produce high-quality products on a consistent basis.

One of the most popular types of infused joints these days are hash holes, also called donut holes, donuts, and snake holes. They are joints with slivers of rosin in the middle of them, that burn with a hole in the middle of the flower.


On the subject of flavor, adding extracts with high terpene content, like live resin and live rosin (not distillates), makes a normal joint taste a whole lot better. Peep the packaging to see which strains were used in the process, and then follow your palate to Flavortown.


This one is more for the people that want to create their own joints, versus just buying them. Rolling your own infused joints allows you to create collaborations between your favorite flower brands and your favorite concentrate brands.

If that sounds appealing to you, peep below for how to make your own infused joints. The same process applies to blunt smokers, too.

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How Do You Make Your Own Infused Prerolls?

Here are some tips on rolling your own infused prerolls at the crib.

  • Step 1: Buy the right flower and concentrates.
  • Step 2: Lay out your flower in the joint.
  • Step 3: Add concentrates to the joint.
  • Step 4: Roll your joint.
  • Step 5: Enjoy your final product.

Buy the right flower 

If you smoke weed, you probably already have a couple favorite flower brands. Think flavor combinations first when purchasing your buds for your own infused joints. Good concentrates won’t mask the flavor of trash buds, so do yourself a favor and shop by quality on both fronts. If you’ve got a fruity Gelato-like flower, maybe purchase a funky OG-like extract, and give yourself the best of both worlds.

Buy the right concentrates

There are a bunch of different consistencies of concentrates. When adding them to joints, some are much easier than others to work with. Textures like badders and budders that can be easily manipulated and dumped on top of flower or rolled into little slivers for your own hash holes. Textures like sauces are more liquid than solid, and thus harder to work with.

Lay out your flower

Now that you have your products, flatten a joint paper and lay your flower on top of it. The amount is up to you, but you should use at the very least 0.5 grams of bud. Laying the weed out first ensures that the paper won’t pop up when you’re trying to add whatever concentrates you’re working with.

Infuse your joint

After the flower, go ahead and top that thang with your extract. Though some companies apply the extracts to the outside of the joint, inside is much better (and cleaner). It creates a true blend of buds and budders.

Roll your joint

Roll that joint up, and do your best to keep the concentrates centered, so that you don’t create a big sticky mess that will frustrate the hell out of you during the sealing of your joint (this is why purchasing infused joints instead of twisting them on your own is such a convenient decision).

Smoke your infused joint

Finally, after you’ve rolled your joint, it’s time to spark and enjoy. Make sure to get a nice even cherry and hit the joint slower than usual, so that it doesn’t canoe on one side and cause a big waste of the fire flower and extracts you spent your hard-earned money on.

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