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How to Host a Cannabis Friendsgiving

From THC-infused food to pre-rolled joints, prepare for your cannabis-friendly Friendsgiving with the dos and don’ts of hosting such an event.

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means: time to get high and eat food with the people you love most. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by hosting a cannabis-friendly Friendsgiving.

Chances are if you’re here, you’ve never done so but want to learn how. Here are some tips on bringing 420 into your season of glee, as well as which items are most effective in doing so. 

Spoiler alert: All you need is fire food, fire weed, and fire people.

But first, let’s define Friendsgiving. What is it?

Well, it’s an alternative to Thanksgiving, typically celebrated among — you guessed it — friends. Basically, it’s a big potluck dinner with the homies. No one knows exactly who coined the phrase or how the annual tradition began. Some online sources credit the show Friends for introducing the concept, while others say it started on Twitter in the late 2000s. Regardless of the Friendsgiving origin story, you should always put one together. 

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How to host a cannabis-themed Friendsgiving

If you’re going to have cannabis Friendsgiving, you can just get dumb high and eat food, or you can get dumb high from eating the food. The latter takes a little bit more attention to detail, as you can easily overeat too many THC-infused items and end up so slumped that you have to leave your car at the homie’s place and take a Lyft home.

In an effort to avoid such a scenario, here’s a quick little four-step guide on the best practices when including weed in your holiday dinner parties.

Step 1: Carefully curate the attendees

Invite the people you love, but make sure that they’d all get along. Each year we watch the internet overhype how difficult family time can be due to everyone having different walks of life, different opinions based on those walks of life, and Thanksgiving dinner homes seemingly being the arena that people come to get off problematic and argumentative takes. 

Nah, man. This should be a time of reflection and love. A holiday dinner should only feed your soul and stomach, not drain your energy. Make sure the people you invite agree and perform accordingly.

Step 2: Make sure everyone brings a great dish

Potluck style is the way to go. You cook the big bird, toss out a couple of side dishes here and there, and the invitees should fill out the rest of the table with other delicious foods. We all have our own tastes and cuisines, but the best way to make sure that there is synergy between the dishes is to send out a list of items for people to claim to bring something. Sort of like you’d do for potluck meals at grade school where we’d all rush to claim paper plates and napkins to avoid any true cooking or effort. You know I’m not lying.

Step 3: Decide on which dishes to infuse and how

This is the tricky part because chances are, if your attendees are stoners, they’re showing up to dinner already high from smoking all day long. 

An all-inclusive way of providing infusions is to have infused sauces, condiments, and butters that people can mix with their dishes at will. Since everyone’s tolerance is different, and edibles hit in a weird way at weird times, this could be the easiest way to manage dosage and avoid people getting so high that good conversation and fellowship are impossible.

Weedmaps has plenty of resources for making edibles at home. If you want to learn to make cannabutter, peep here. For infused cookies, here’s a recipe.

NOTE: Any food you infuse should be adequately labeled as such. Edible surprises are never fun.

Step 4: Fellowship with your people

Remember that sharing cannabis and food are two both of the greatest ways to show love for your people. Use this time to connect deeply, not just ask everyone how work has been and if they saw how bad the Lakers are right now.

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Cannabis Items to Have at Friendsgiving

Sure, if you’re hosting the 420-inclusive Friendsgiving, it’s likely guests will bring some weed to the event. But, as a host, you should also provide whatever supply is necessary based on the entire experience you’re trying to curate. Remember, you aren’t just hosting a dinner; you’re providing a full-evening experience. Provide people with the smokeables that you want them to enjoy along the journey.

Here are some key items to have on deck for the homies, as well as some key items to let them leave with.

Cannabis pre-rolls

You want people to walk in and immediately be able to get to the weed. Having a little bowl of joints by the entrance is an excellent way to encourage that. Just make sure the flower is some heat since the mission is good weed, good food, and good people. 

A dab station

If people don’t want to smoke flower, you should set up a dab station. You can use a nice glass rig, if you have one, or an e-rig like the Puffco Peak Pro and the Carta 2 Focus V. If you own none of these, borrow one from a friend, then just sit a community jar of solventless rosin on the table for everyone to share. If people want more dabs, they are more than welcome to bring them. 

Cannabis beverages 

Cannabis beverages are growing rapidly in popularity. So much so that there are plenty of options for you to set out and allow some low-dose cannabis options for the people who might not be everyday smokers. Beverages are also great for people who simply don’t want to smoke. 

A goodie bag for the walk-out

Lastly, once the meal is all said and done, send people home with leftovers and some greenery. To do so, simply collect a few selections of your favorite flowers, gummies, vape pens, whatever, and wrap them up in a cute lil’ goodie bag. That way, not only are people going to love the in-house experience, but then they’ll always leave with a few reminders that your cannabis-inclusive, 420-friendly Friendsgiving was one of the best holiday celebrations they’ve ever had.

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