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November 23, 2022

Stock Jumps as Glazers Look To Sell Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t the only one looking to get out of Manchester United. The Glazer family, who have owned the team for 17 years, reportedly instructed private banks to handle the sale of the team. Manchester United’s stock jumped 8% before the opening bell on Wednesday following the news. The franchise is valued at $4.6 billion, per Forbes.

NFLPA Calls Collusion

The NFL has a contractual dispute on its hands. On Tuesday, The Athletic reported that the NFL Players Association sent a formal memo around the league on Oct. 20 accusing several teams, as well as the NFL itself, of colluding to refrain from offering fully guaranteed contracts to “certain quarterbacks.” The union suggested that owners and NFL executives held discussions during the owners’ meeting held in Minneapolis on Aug. 9 and subsequently agreed to stop offering such deals.

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Enters the Metaverse

Can’t attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade this year? Maybe it’s a little too cold for your liking? Well, we’ve got good news for you — Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will now take place in the metaverse. The move is part of the legacy brand’s efforts to draw younger, digitally savvy viewers to the event. “As we count down to the 96th Macy’s Parade, we are excited to bring this spectacle once again to the Web3 virtual landscape with a fun experience that empowers our fans, collectors, and our highly engaged Discord community,” Will Coss, executive producer of the parade, said in a statement.

Coachella Lifetime Pass Implodes Following FTX Shutdown

Turns out you’re going ot have to find an alternative path into the desert. The Coachella Lifetime Pass NFTs are officially unavailable after cryptocurrency platform FTX collapsed. When they initially launched in February, two passes from the limited edition collection sold for $250,000 — they sold 10 total worldwide. The question everyone wants to know: Are they still valid? Coachella’s innovation lead, Sam Schoonover, told Billboard: “We’re actively working on solutions. We are confident we’ll be able to protect the interests of Coachella’s NFT holders.” 

EA Sports Pushes Back College Football Return

Hold on, NCAA Football gamers. After originally announcing the 2023 return of the wildly popular college football video game, EA Sports delayed the release of the anticipated game until 2024. This is the first NCAA football game since 2013 when Michigan’s Denard Robinson was on the cover. However, one of the main issues here is paying players in the game, specifically during a time when players can profit off their name, image, and likeness. “If you look back on where we were talking in 2021, that road was blocked. Well the road’s open now, but it’s still under construction,” EA Sports Vice President and General Manager Daryl Holt said. 

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Fanatics, Nike Strike Deal with Japan's Most Successful Baseball Team

Fanatics and Nike signed a deal to manufacture and distribute merchandise for the Yomiuri Giants — Japan’s most successful (and popular) baseball team. It’s the first non-U.S. sports club Fanatics and Nike has collaborated with. Fanatics will operate retail business for the Giants, with plans to revamp stores ahead of the 2023 season. This all comes in light of Fanatics and Nike’s deal earlier this year in which they’ll manufacture U.S. college sports apparel beginning in 2024.