Giannis Antetokounmpo // Behind The Signature Logo

In a new Boardroom series, we explore the design details and inspirations behind the signature logos of the biggest stars in the sneaker game.

After landing a multi-year signature shoe deal extension with Nike in the fall of 2017, Giannis Antetokounmpo and a team of designers at the Swoosh got to work on his own namesake sneaker and apparel line. 

But first, they had to create a logo — the signature mark that would become identifiable atop each of his subsequent “Zoom Freak” sneakers and across a range of apparel, accessories, signage, and marketing materials.

When the Bucks took their first trip to the Pacific Northwest a month into the regular season, the Greek Freak took advantage of an off day in Portland between games against the Jazz and Blazers for a deep dive with the Nike design teams. 

That Nov. 29, Giannis and Nike outlined the key performance elements he wanted in his shoes, how he envisioned his signature clothing looking on- and off-court, and the pillars of his life story that could be encapsulated in one distinct signature logo. 

“In a logo, you can put a lot of things together and talk about your life — represent family, represent Nigeria and Greece,” Antetokounmpo said at the time. “That is exciting.”

Led by Sean Butterly, Art Director of Nike’s Global Identity Group and the design lead behind other signature logos such as Carmelo Anthony’s ‘M’ mark and Chris Paul’s slick negative spaced “CP3” logo, the creation of Giannis’s signature mark would entail more than just merging together initials and his jersey number. 

“Our aim is to create visual forms that quickly identify an athlete’s values,” said Butterly.

First-round exploration sketches by the Nike Global Identity Group

With his prideful dual Nigerian and Greek heritage serving as the foundation, the design team began a set of exploration sketches to draft off of a variety of nuances found in the art, architecture, and design communities of each country. 

While Antetokounmpo was set to become the 20th signature athlete in Nike Basketball’s long history atop hoops, he would become the very first European basketball player to receive his own shoe. 

“From the onset, we knew his multi-cultural appeal meant he would need an identity system at a scale broader than what had ever been done before,” Butterly said on his portfolio website.

Known for its ancient architecture and stately sculptures, Antetokounmpo’s hometown of Athens helped to set the direction for the geometric “GA” icon that would eventually land as his signature logo. Triangles are seen throughout Greek design, and are viewed as the strongest shape, a nod to the Greek Freak’s chiseled 6’11 frame and overpowering style of play.

“The ‘A’ is purposefully larger than the G, as it represents Giannis putting family before himself,” reads the logo breakdown. 

Just two months before that foundational meeting in late 2017, his father Charles Antetokounmpo suddenly passed away at age 54 due to a heart attack. In that Nike meeting, Giannis relayed the importance of preserving his father’s memory in all of his shoes going forward, insisting the phrase “I am my father’s legacy” be incorporated into each of his future shoes. The design team also created a rose tribute graphic, seen in exploratory renders through the middle rows of the above logos draft, that would be used on future products to honor Charles. 

As the logo exploration work continued throughout the first year of the design process, Butterly and the GIG team also expanded to create a series of additional alternate marks. 

(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

Inspired by Greek font types, an interconnected lettering typeface of both his full name and his “Greek Freak” nickname was crafted, along with a stacked hybrid repeat print that could be used on apparel trims and box detailing. The hero detail of the expanded elements is the ‘34’ number, stylized from the bars of the Greek flag, and seen along the heel of the Zoom Freak 1. 

Now three shoes in and with the upcoming Zoom Freak 4 expected to release this summer, Antetokounmpo’s signature series is off and running, with his heritage, the importance of family, and his aspirations both on and off the court fueling the signature logo that marks his line. 

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