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Fanatics Collectibles & Topps Reveal Project100 Season 2 Trading Card Lineup

Mixing modern artists with baseball’s biggest stars, the transcendent Topps MLB collection continues to explore new aesthetics in its upcoming July launch.

With the MLB All-Star Game behind us and baseball breaking into the back half of the year, Fanatics Collectibles and Topps have teamed up for the second season of the popular Project100 trading card collection.

Dropping online at Topps on July 28, the next set of Project100 cards will continue the collaboration between 20 artists on 100 Topps Baseball cards in 2022. This season sees artists Chuck Styles, Daniel Jacob Horine, L’amour Supreme, Lauren Martin, and Smithe One creating cards to celebrate Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, Julio Rodriguez, Shohei Ohtani, and more.

Where baseball cards are concerned, Topps and their team-up with Fanatics Collectibles are full of energy.

Coming off the heels of Project70 — Topps’ biggest-selling brand online in 2021 — Season 2 of Project100 continues to lend a lifestyle lens to the world of the hobby. With each artist responsible for five cards, foil printing adds a premium aesthetic to the already existing creative cachet, adding another wrinkle to the set’s collectibility.

Recently, Fanatics Collectibles has gone head-first into mixing creative cultures with cards, seen most pronounced on the launch of zerocool led by Josh Luber and Jon Wexler. Famously, zerocool has worked with Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends, Edison Chen’s CLOT, and the movie Jackass Forever to stretch the space of trading cards outside of sports.

With Fanatics Collectibles backing Topps on Project100, art continues to influence the hobby in its native space.

From comic book color palettes to reshaping the stories around baseball’s biggest stars, Topps Project100 is nearly here.

The new offerings are going live online for purchase at starting Thursday, July 28.

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