Fanatics Has Billion-Dollar Goal for its Memorabilia Division

As the sports memorabilia industry continues to rapidly grow, Fanatics has 10-figure aspirations for its sports memorabilia arm, Fanatics Authentic

The company already has exclusive deals in place with over 150 athletes including Tom Brady, with a signed Super Bowl memorabilia set for auction after the Buccaneers win. 

After bringing in $10 million in revenue in 2012, Fanatics Authentic reported $200 million in sales for 2020 with the expectation for more. 

“Our business model allows us to pivot, almost immediately, based on what fans are telling us they really want,” Fanatics Executive Vice President Victor Shaffer said. “We move as quickly as the rest of the company.”

Fanatics Authentic has deals with 10 players who participated in the Super Bowl this year and made signed memorabilia available within minutes of the final snap of the big game. 

Among some of Fanatics Authentics most notable names it has exclusive deals with across all sports is: Aaron Judge, Steph Curry, Corey Seager and many others. 

Watch as Boardroom’s Rich Kleiman sits down with Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin:

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