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Going Deep with DK Metcalf

The Seahawks star reveals what you don’t know about Russell Wilson, what he thinks of HBO’s Euphoria, and why the Rams are so dangerous.

Only newly minted NFL Offensive Player of the Year Cooper Kupp, Mike Evans, and Ja’Marr Chase had more touchdown receptions during the 2021 regular season than Seattle Seahawks superstar DK Metcalf, but on Wednesday, he showed he’s not too big to give back.

He joined JJ Watt, Trevor Lawrence, Robert Woods, and Todd Gurley for a surprise flag football game with local kids from social impact group Woodcraft Rangers in Los Angeles’s Lafayette Park. Gatorade pledged to pay for the kids’ on-field time to enjoy football until 2024.

“This is the next generation of athletes that’s coming up in our world, and giving them a chance to come out here and play,” Metcalf told Boardroom. “I know a lot of kids and youth have been stuck inside the house the last couple of years, so it’s just a chance for them to play amongst each other and talk.”

As part of Super Bowl week festivities in LA, 24-year-old Pro Bowler spoke with us about everything from his 2021 season to why he got into NFTs to why the Winter Olympics probably wouldn’t work out for him. (And don’t miss his thoughts on Euphoria, either.)

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SHLOMO SPRUNG: You guys had an up-and-down 7-10 season with the Seahawks. What did you learn from the team’s struggles?

DK METCALF: You’ve gotta fight through adversity no matter what. Everything’s not going to be the way you picture it or the way everything you want it go to. So you just got to keep fighting.

SS: What’s the most surprising thing that people wouldn’t expect about Russell Wilson?

DKM: People expect him to be a hard worker, but people don’t see how much work he actually puts in. He’s the first one at the facility every day, probably the last one to leave, including the coaches. He’s always working and trying to get better, working on his body, working on his game. So he’s really committed, even past what people see.

SS: What TV shows have you been binging lately?

DKM: I’m watching Euphoria right now. I wouldn’t say I’m binging it, because I fall asleep like midway through episodes. I have to rewind it a lot.

SS: How good is Zendaya?

DKM: She’s a great actress, but there are so many good actors and actresses on the show. I like how different the show is. It gives people a different light, a different viewpoint of the real struggles and problems people deal with on the daily.

SS: If you could rep one brand that you don’t already, what would it be and why?

DKM: I wear a lot of different stuff, so I can’t answer that question. Because I’ll wear anything pretty much. Here’s how I look at it: Clothes don’t make you, you make the clothes.

SS: Are there any business or investment opportunities you’ve been looking into?

DKM: Not here recently, but I know when the season first started I invested in a couple of NFT companies. Top Shot was one of them and NFL All Day was another one.

SS: What makes you so interested in the NFT world?

DKM: Just how different it is. It’s fairly new, something I had no knowledge of prior to NFTs coming out. But now knowing more about this area, it’s something very interesting and on the come-up. I don’t have any of my moments yet, but I’m an investor in the company.

SS: The Olympics are going on right now. What sports or events do you think you could win a gold medal in?

DKM: I’m scared to ski. I can’t swim. Snow scares me. Coming down the hill that fast? That’s not for me. But track and field? The 100 meters, 60 meters. I could probably be on the relay team.

SS: Obviously you played the Rams twice this season. What makes them so uniquely dangerous?

DKM: Their defense is crazy. They’ve got playmakers everywhere. And then you’ve still gotta stop Cooper Kupp on offense. On the other side of the field, you’ve got Odell Beckham, Van Jefferson. They’ve just got weapons everywhere. What makes Kupp so good is his attention to detail. He’s very well prepared and knows his body really well.

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