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2021-22 Boston Celtics Contracts & Salary Breakdown

Last Updated: April 27, 2023
How big is the Boston Celtics’ payroll, and who’s the highest-paid player on the roster? Check out Boardroom’s rundown of every Celtics salary on the books this season.

The Boston Celtics are back in the NBA Finals after more than a decade away. And with a young core in place that’s growing up fast, Ime Udoka and Co. are built for the long haul in ways that the old Doc Rivers Big Three couldn’t have dreamed of.

Are the Celtics over the salary cap this season? Well, yes — but as Boardroom has previously concluded, you’ve got to pay the luxury tax if you want to build around multiple max- or near-max salaries. Naturally, that got us thinking about just where Boston has chosen to allocate its salary spending this season to unlock all this success.

So, what are the biggest Celtics contracts of 2021-22? Who’s the highest-paid player on the Celtics overall? You have salary questions, Boardroom has salary answers.

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Boston Celtics Salaries & Contracts for the 2021-22 Season

Dollar figures via Spotrac and does not include dead cap money or players on two-way or 10-day contracts.

1. SF Jayson Tatum: $28,103,500
  • Contract: 5 years, $163,000,300
2. PF/C Al Horford: $27,000,000
  • Contract: 4 years, $109,000,000
3. Jaylen Brown: $25,312,500
  • Contract: 4 years, $106,333,334
4. PG/SG Derrick White: $15,178,571
  • Contract: 4 years, $70,000,000
5. PG Marcus Smart: $14,339,285
6. C Daniel Theis: $8,280,351
  • Contract: 4 years, $35,605,510
7. PF/C Robert Williams III: $3,661,976
  • Contract: 4 years, $48,000,000
8. SG/SF Aaron Nesmith: $3,631,200
  • Contract: 4 years, $16,528,217
9. PF Grant Williams: $2,617,800
  • Contract: 4 years, $11,802,681
10. PG/SG Payton Pritchard: $2,137,440
  • Contract: 4 years, $10,449,718
11. C Luke Kornet: $565,987
  • Contract: 1 year, $606,702
12. SG Nik Stauskas: $423,536
  • Contract: 2 years, $2,617,456
13. SF Sam Hauser: $313,737
  • Contract: 2 years, $1,877,255
14. PF Malik Fitts: $231,062
  • Contract: 2 years, $1,983,700
15. SF Juwan Morgan: $19,186
  • Contract: 2 years, $1,834,863

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Boston Celtics Salary Cap Breakdown

All dollar figures and cap estimates via Spotrac as of June 2. Reflects a “soft” salary cap of $112.414 million, a luxury tax threshold of $136.606 million, and a $143.002 million luxury tax apron for hard-capped teams.

  • Active contracts: $131,816,131
  • Dead cap money: $2,300,225
  • Total salary cap usage: $134,479,372
  • Estimated 2021-22 luxury tax bill: $11,704,720
  • Salary on the books for 2022-23: $155,223,530

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