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7 Spooky Cannabis Strains for Celebrating Halloween

Whether you are going out and celebrating the holiday at a party or staying in to watch a scary movie, there’s a cannabis strain for you this Halloween.

It’s officially Spooky Season, and with Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to prepare your headstash for celebration. You might be the type of person that’s super excited to put on multiple costumes and fly around the city to various parties. Or you might be the type that just wants to sit at home, watch a Scream marathon, and ignore everything happening outside of your sanctuary.

Regardless of the way you want to celebrate Halloween, there’s a cannabis strain that pairs greatly with your vibe. Their availability may be scarce, but luckily, Weedmaps’ strain pages and product catalogs can help you find any of these strains in nearby legal dispensaries.

That said, here are seven cannabis strains for celebrating Halloween.

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Ghost OG

Off top, we’ve got to start with a ghost-named strain. It’s only right. Whether through flower, dabs, or vape pens, Ghost OG is a proper strain to consume for those who are thinking about skipping all the Halloween festivities. 

Why? Because it’s a hard-hitting Kush that usually gives way to extremely relaxed and damn-near sleepy effects. The way the high wraps around your head and body to sink you into yourself will have you letting go of Halloween party FOMO as you become more and more comfortable on the couch. Plus, the weed smells and tastes great, when grown properly. 

Ghost OG is an OG Kush variety that was first created by Apothecary Genetics. Its genetics were stabilized by backcrossing Ghost OG with OG Kush. Like most strains with heavy Kush genetics, the terpene profile kicks out a mix of diesel, pine, funk, and light citrus notes. Its top three most-reported effects are relaxed, happy, and focused.

Skywalker OG

Did you even celebrate Halloween if you didn’t put on, or at least see in the wild, a Star Wars costume? The answer is no. So for a holiday where you’ll definitely see a Skywalker outfit, you need some Skywalker weed. Skywalker OG is the one.

With its murky history, it’s hard to know exactly where Skywalker OG came from. All we know is that it definitely smacks.

Legend has it that Skywalker OG was created by crossing Skywalker with OG Kush. The result created a sweeter-tasting Kush that kicks out earthy and berry-like flavors with diesel tones on the exhale. You can expect the potent effects that follow those flavors to eventually put you down for the count. So, it’s another great option for those skipping Halloween outings in favor of a more relaxed type of celebration.


One guarantee we can make about Halloween is that you will definitely see a Harlequin costume out there. Year in and year out, it’s one of the holiday’s most popular wearables. For that reason, Harlequin (the weed strain) is a great choice for celebrating Halloween.

Harlequin is a Sativa-dominant strain known for having a balanced amount of CBD and THC. It was created by crossing a bunch of landrace strains, including a Nepali Indica, a Thai cultivar, a Swiss strain, and a Colombian Gold male. With these genetics, you can expect a mix of earthy, hashy, piney, and spicy aromas and flavors.

This strain’s effects are pretty light and balanced, usually leaving consumers feeling a mix of relaxed and uplifting effects. Because of that, it might be a great strain for the socially anxious folks celebrating Halloween. It’s something you can puff on all night long and not get too bogged down or too in your head.

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Alien OG

If you’re putting on some intergalactic-themed costumes, you should probably be consuming some intergalactic-themed cannabis. Alien OG is one of the best options for such an occasion, and Weedmaps can help you find it nearby.

Alien OG, sometimes called Alien Kush, was bred by crossing Alien Kush with Tahoe OG. The power of Kush is very strong within this one. 

Upon consumption, you’ll feel a slow onset that will eventually flood your whole face with a potent euphoria that tends to leave people feeling relaxed, happy, and uplifted. Smell and taste-wise, you can expect Alien OG to kick out classic Kush terpenes, with heavier-than-expected citrus notes.

Jack The Ripper

If you’re getting familiar with cannabis breeders, Subcool is a name you’ll eventually learn. He’s one of the pioneer breeders that gave us a whole world of strains that we all know and love today. Jack The Ripper is one of his most popular strains, and it just so happens to also be one that you might want to consume on Halloween.

JTR is a heady strain made by crossing Jacks Cleaner with Space Queen. Its terpene profile kicks out strong notes of citrus, lemon, and mango, with added spicy notes that will remind you of smoking old-school Sativas.

Though the name would suggest this strain could absolutely take you down, the effects tend to be more uplifting than not. Therefore, Jack The Ripper is great for people that want a boost of energy and creativity to celebrate Halloween.

Zombie OG

It’s Halloween, let’s smoke something Zombie. Which something Zombie? Zombie Kush, of course.

Zombie OG, also called Zombie Kush, is another OG Kush descendant (are you seeing a trend yet?) that is made by crossing Blackberry with OG Kush. Its Kush influences take over to produce piney, earthy, peppery, and diesel terpenes that absolutely blanket your palette when smoked.

This strain is a potent son-of-a-gun known for leaving people in a lazy stupor, so if you’re going to consume it before getting active, make sure your cannabis tolerance levels are up to par. Otherwise, toss on a skeleton onesie and relax for the evening.


Named after the famous clown villain from Stephen King’s IT, Pennywise is a high-CBD strain that can help you feel calm and social. If you’re forcing yourself out for the weekend and want something to puff on throughout the night, without getting too zonked out, this could be the strain for you.

Pennywise was bred by the legendary TGA Genetics crossing Harlequin with Jack The Ripper. The high-CBD Harlequin gives this plant a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. Because it was bred more for therapeutic effects, rather than getting you stoned, Pennywise is another great strain for people that want mild effects and a morale boost during their Halloween celebrations.

Pennywise is expected to be earthy, spicy, and danky on the nostrils and tongue. The effects are typically reported as relaxed, sleepy, and happy. All in all, the strain will most likely produce chill effects that make you feel happy and comfortable.

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