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Is Cannabis the Best Performance-enhancing Drug?

Known for its many healing properties, weed may be the No. 1 draft pick for improving athletic performance. Boardroom breaks down the multiple properties of the green.

Weedmaps is a sponsored partner of Boardroom.

We all know the stereotypes affiliated with cannabis, right? Laziness, munchies, getting transfixed by whatever Netflix show you may lock into for hours on end. However, many cannabis enthusiasts find a wide range of alternative properties of the plant, including many performance-enhancing benefits.

“I started working out with a few hits before we went to the gym, and it was really fantastic,” former professional bodybuilder and governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has said on the record.

To further explore this, Boardroom caught up with some experts on the matter, including one woman who offers a “Bend and Blaze” yoga experience, a powerlifter and bodybuilder who sees the weighty impact that cannabis has had on his overall performance, and cannabis physician Dr. Bonni Goldstein.

In reality, cannabis helps accelerate the body and mind’s ability to protect, recover, and restore. Additionally, it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that enable recovery, making it a favorite for many athletes as part of their training regimen.

On top of it all, it enhances a mind-body connection that helps one get into peak performance.

In the latest episode of our ongoing series with Weedmaps, Boardroom’s Gabe Oshin breaks down the science of cannabis as the GOAT performance-enhancing drug.

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