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By Michelai Graham
Boardroom's Tech Reporter
July 9, 2023

Boardroom Tech Talk: Are You Threading or Tweeting?

In the latest edition of the Boardroom Tech Talk newsletter, Boardroom’s Michelai Graham discusses Meta’s major move, TikTok’s music expansion, and more.

Logan Paul’s Prime energy drink brand is growing, but let’s not forget he committed to refunding $1.8 million to CryptoZoo investors six months ago and still hasn’t delivered.

A peek into today’s edition: 

  • First take on Instagram’s Threads app
  • TikTok launches music streaming 
  • Dior’s NFC-chipped sneakers go on sale

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Are You Threading or Tweeting?

The race for the best microblogging platform is on, and Meta-owned Instagram just put its bid in with the launch of Threads on July 5. With no Beta testing period or waitlist, the new Twitter competitor amassed more than 30 million users on its first day on the market. Meanwhile, Twitter is temporarily limiting daily tweet views to (allegedly) mitigate spam and bots on the platform. The limit caused Tweetdek to break down, and Twitter had to launch a completely new version of the management tool.

Scorned social media users have been flocking to other microblogging sites like Mastodon, Spill, and Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky, which temporarily paused sign-ups last weekend after a flood of new users following Twitter’s tweet limit shift. 

Okay, back to Threads. Threads can generally do what Twitter can, except there is no direct messaging, hashtags, trending topics, GIFs, an edit button, lists, drafts, or an audio plug-in like Twitter Spaces. But most importantly, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri said chronologically ordered feeds are coming soon. What’s your take on Threads’ quick success? Let us know.


TikTok Launches Music Streaming Service in Brazil and Indonesia  

TikTok launched its speculated social music streaming service called TikTok Music in Brazil and Indonesia. The popular platform licensing deals with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group to launch the new service, which will replace its existing streaming service, Resso, on Sept. 5. This signals TikTok’s plan to take its music discovery resources to a whole new level, though the social media platform hasn’t shared when TikTok Music will launch in other countries. For now, Brazil and Indonesia-based TikTokers can access the new service with a one-month free trial. 

OpenAI Still Bullish on AI Despite Dip in ChatGPT Downloads

OpenAI-owned ChatGPT downloads on iPhones were down 38% in June in the US. Is ChatGPT adoption already slowing down, or are folks just temporarily focusing on other hot AI technologies? Downloads could be down simply because the hype of the app launching in May has passed, but still, it’s noteworthy.

Elsewhere, OpenAI is putting together a dedicated internal team charged with managing the risks of superintelligent artificial intelligence. Since the government is ideating around AI regulations, the AI leader created this new department to stay ahead of the curve. OpenAI will put 20% of its current computer power behind this initiative.

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