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Diving into Dab Day, the Lesser-known Cannabis Celebration

We all celebrated 4/20 in style, but what are people dipping into on July 10? Boardroom has your answers on the cannabis industry’s lesser-known holiday, Dab Day.

Do you remember the old elementary school trick? The one where you type something in your calculator, flip it over, and reveal a surprising message – often with a chuckle. Well, the cannabis culture built a whole holiday around it, but chances are you have never heard of it.

July 10 – 7/10. Flip it and reverse it and you have OIL, the anchor of cannabis’ lesser-known holiday devoted to the highly potent oil and concentrates of the industry.

But what is 7/10? Where did it stem from and how can you celebrate? You have questions, Boardroom has answers.

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Across the United States, 4/20 remains as the cornerstone of “stoner” holidays with people lighting up in honor the culture. In the last decade, the calendar has expanded with a number of ancillary celebrations selected to honor different facets of the industry.

One of the most popular is 7/10, otherwise known as “Dab Day.” July 10 honors the most potent products in the biz. These include hash oil, shatter, wax, and other oil products and concentrates.

The date became affiliated with the cannabis concentrate back in 2011, but the origin of the holiday is not quite as clear. Regardless of where it stemmed from, the celebrations took root in 2013 and now can be found in several states across the US.

In addition to the concentrates themselves, the world of oils and concentrates is supported by a number of tools that you should know about. Our friends at Weedmaps helped us pull together a quick reference list to get the celebrations started:

Banger: a dish used to vaporize concentrate on a bong or dab rig.

Banger bead: a small quartz ball that’s placed in the banger while dabbing in order to evenly distribute the concentrate on the surface.

Carb cap: restricts airflow and traps heat, allowing the concentrate to vaporize at a lower temperature, preserving the quality and flavor of the concentrate.

Dab mat: placed underneath a dab rig in order to protect the surface from any residue that may drip off the dab nail.

Dab ring: filters concentrate vapor through water at the base, designed for vaporizing concentrates, similarly to a bong.

Dabber tool: a pointed tool used to pick up a dab of concentrate, and apply it to a heated surface on an oil rig pipe.

Nail: aquartz, ceramic, or titanium insert that is an integral part of a dab rig used to vaporize concentrates.

Torch: a dabbing tool that uses propane or butane to create a steady flame that can be used to heat up a banger or dab nail.

As dispensaries have become more commonplace around the country, several commemorate the day with special discounts and offers.

A foray into oils and concentrates needs to be an informed one. Easily among the most potent forms of cannabis, learning more about the products will help even the most casual consumer ensure that they utilize it safely and responsibly.

And as you celebrate today, look to the clock at 7:10 pm to lock in the prime hour. Happy dabbing!

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