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Napheesa Collier on the WNBA’s 25th Season

The Minnesota Lynx forward dishes on opportunity and responsibility as a WNBA baller a quarter-century on.

On the latest episode of “The ETCs Locked In,” Eddie Gonzalez takes stock of 25 years of the WNBA — a league that was anything but guaranteed to survive and thrive when it was first created.

Additionally, he speaks with Minnesota Lynx power forward Napheesa Collier about how she views her personal responsibility to continue growing the game for the rising generation and beyond:

“As a woman in sports, we always knew that we were entertaining, fun to watch, all these things that people are kind of just now figuring out. It’s kind of just, like, ‘oh, finally, you guys are seeing what we’ve been doing for all these years.’

“I do want to push it, because this is our 25th season in the WNBA, to look where we’ve come from where we’ve started, it’s amazing. And I want to be able to be a part of the change for the generation that comes after, when they have those million-dollar contracts like they do in the NBA. We’re not there yet, but we’re on our way there. So definitely anything I can do for the women’s game, I want to help to do.”

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