Topps 1952-style baseball cards featuring Jackie Robinson and Ken Griffey Jr.

Topps Reveals Anniversary Baseball Card Set Featuring Throwback 1950s Art Style

The “2021 Chrome Platinum Anniversary” set is coming later this summer.

If you’re a fan of the iconic 1952 Topps Baseball aesthetic, we have good news for you. Later this year, the company plans to produce what they’re calling “2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary” baseball cards using the simple, timeless design the likes of Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle, and Willie Mays first made famous.

The set will include 700 trading cards featuring a combination of current stars, rookies, and all-time greats from throughout Topps’ 70 years in the baseball card game.

The 2021 Chrome Platinum Anniversary set releases on August 25th through hobby boxes, which will each include 12 four-card packs and one autograph card per box.

Additionally, Topps will offer a “Lite” box with 16 packs per unit, retailing for half the price of the standard hobby boxes. Each will include exclusive Pink Refractor parallels, but no autograph cards.

The base set well have more than 30 parallels in all, ranging from refractors (1:4 packs) to SuperFractor Parallels numbered 1-of-1. Topps has yet to announce which players will specifically have autographs available in packs, but there will be at least nine parallel autos, including two hobby box exclusives.

There’s a certain timelessness about the national pastime that other sports can’t match, and this new Topps set aims to capture exactly that. When the second half of the 2021 MLB season is well underway and playoff races start to take shape, keep on the lookout for this special throwback set.


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