Mike Trout and Bryce Harper Exchanged Compliments on an Autographed Baseball Card

The MLB superstars had nothing but kind words for one another on a signed Topps Definitive Baseball offering.

Real recognize real, and there may not be a better example of that today than on Mike Trout and Bryce Harper’s new dual-auto Topps trading card.

The two stars are featured on a card notable for bearing both of their signatures, but they even took things a step further, leaving a kind message for one other below the autographs.

The special moment was shared onto Topps’ social media feeds Wednesday.

You might say that this kind of professional respect really, really good to see.

Only 10 of these cards will be released on March 31st as part of the Topps Definitive Baseball collection, a hobby box for high-end collectors. These boxes will be filled with autographed cards all numbered at 50 or fewer. 

It will be no surprise if this Trout-Harper card ends up as one of the most coveted in the set, as Mike Trout could stop playing tomorrow and be inducted in the Hall of Fame. For his part, Bryce Harper is well on his way to Cooperstown as well.

It faces an uphill battle to become the most valuable Trout card on earth, however.

The Topps Definitive Baseball set also includes retired players who have already been inducted into the Hall, including Derek Jeter, Rickey Henderson, Ken Griffey Jr. The luxury box will retail for $1,450.

But given that we know it offers an assortment of “REALLY REALLY GOOD” cards, that’s definitely not too much to ask.


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